Normally I don’t get bothered about any travel questions, but one thing that does annoy me is when people ask how to pick a vacation destination? It’s not that the question bothers me, but I can’t believe that people don’t have any motivation.

Travel inspiration can come from anywhere. The first time I was really motivated to travel was when I took an art history class in college. Part of this course focused on architecture and featured Antoni Gaudi’s buildings in Barcelona. His stuff blew me away and made me want to explore the world.

Find your travel inspiration and make it happen!

How to pick a vacation destination

Picking your destination

If you’re seriously asking how to pick a vacation destination? I recommend dreaming big. Is there a destination that you’ve always wanted to go to? Again, this inspiration can come from anywhere. An exotic location in a movie or a picture in a magazine; it doesn’t matter, pick a place and start doing your research.

Once you’ve picked your destination, start doing your research so you get an idea of what there is to see. Look up attractions, transportation, and costs. I also recommend researching multiple destinations since your first destination might not be possible for a variety of reasons.

Is the destination what you expected?

When doing your research, sometimes you’ll realize that the destination of your dreams might have some logistical reasons preventing you from travelling there. It doesn’t make much sense to go to Thailand during typhoon season, nor would it be advised to hike Mt. Fuji if you don’t enjoy hiking.

More often than not, your budget will be the biggest issue. As mentioned in my first post of this series “budgeting for a vacation,” you need to have a realistic budget in place. I would love to go to Bora Bora, but I know the cost would just be too much. Sure, I could delay my travels and save more, but I realized that there are better ways to spend my travel dollars.

Do you have friends or family living abroad?

The easiest way to pick a destination is to simply look where you have friends and family.  Accommodations will always be one of your largest travel expenses, so if you’re fortunate enough to know people who’re willing to let you stay with them, then why not make that one of the first places you visit?

When I was in high school, my family and in London and Amsterdam would always invite me to stay with them during the summer, but I was more interested in girls than travelling at that age. This was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I could have travelled for an entire month at a limited cost. You never know how long these offers will last so take advantage of them when you can.

You should never convince yourself that picking a destination is too hard nor should you stress yourself about where to go. Pick a place and make it happen. Time waits for no one.

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