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The Globe and Mail | Secrets to financial success
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Housing affordability concerns
BNN Bloomberg
| Accessing the parties tax plans
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| How to save money on groceries
| Things you shouldn’t cheap out on
CTV Your Morning
| Robo-advisors turn 5 in Canada and are here to stay
The Marilyn Denis Show
| Fall travel deals you should take advantage of now
Global News
| What Canadian travellers should know about Thomas Cook’s collapse
Breakfast Television
| Pop culture driving the travel trends
Global News
| Back to school savings
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| Tips for collecting and using loyalty points
Winnipeg Free Press
| Many Canadians struggle finding a financial advisor
CTV Ottawa
| Last-minute summer destinations
| Chase forgives all debt in Canada
CTV Your Morning
| The truth behind loyalty programs
| Instagram influencers revealed as major factor in Gen Z travel
Yahoo News
| What to know before travelling to Hong Kong
Breakfast Television
| The best places to go this summer
Yahoo News
| Safety measures to take before booking travel accommodations
Global News
| Great destinations within driving distance
CTV Ottawa
| Is the Dominican Republic still safe?
Global News
| Headed to the Dominican Republic? This is what you need to know
Breakfast Television
| Off the beaten path destinations in Canada
Financial Post
| Travel myths you need to forget
Breakfast Television |
Best summer road trips
Financial Post | How to get the best exchange rate
Global News
| Canada Day: The 10 cheapest destinations
| New federal travel rules are a reminder of why you need travel insurance
The Marilyn Denis Show
| How to save on summer travel without sacrificing any fun
CPA Canada
| 6 Tips to make that family vacation a reality
| Hoarders of loyalty points
CPA Canada
| How to save money on your summer road trip
Financial Post
| How to get the most out of your credit cards
CTV Ottawa
| The best summer destinations
Global News
| You could be losing hundreds of dollars to subscriptions every year
Financial Post
| How to save money on last-minute travel
CTV Ottawa |
The best time to shop sales
| How to stay financially safe when travelling
The Toronto Star
| Hotel rewards programs offer you deals
Breakfast Television Toronto |
Dreamy summer vacation destinations
Global News
| Does debt make you undateable? 
CTV News
| Is the municipal budget assumptions similar to household budget assumptions?
BNN Bloomberg |
Beyond ditching avocado toast, young Canadians eye proactive ways to pay off debt
CTV Your Morning
| Starting your own side hustle is easier than you think
The Globe and Mail
| How much your TFSA could be worth
CBC News
| U.S. Government shutdown travel wait times
Global News
| The best time to shop for sales in 2019
Global News
| Mexico – it’s safe if you stay inside resort areas
| How to stretch your travel dollars


CP24 | Financial resolutions for the New Year
CTV Ottawa Morning live 
| Destinations to inspire you for 2019
Breakfast Television
| Last minute travel deals you can book now
The Morning Show
| How to save money over the holidays
CTV Ottawa Morning Live 
| The best winter destinations
The Financial Post
How to save on ‘premium’ priced flights, accommodation this holiday season
The Morning Show | 
Stop freaking out about saving for retirement
Young & Thrifty
| How to pay credit card debt off fast
| How to save money on travel
The Financial Post | 
Are ultra low cost carriers worth it?
Breakfast Television 
| The hottest fall destinations
The Morning Show 
| How to use your credit card effectively 
What She Said 
| How to save as a new or potential homeowner
The Morning Show 
| Avoiding fees when you travel
The Toronto Star 
| That bundle of joy costs you a bundle so budget well
The Morning Show 
| Air Canada to buy Aeroplan but what does it mean for you?
Air Canada buys Aeroplan: What does it mean for your points?
What She Said 
| How to get your finances in order
The Toronto Star 
| That bundle of joy costs a bundle so budget well
The Morning Show
| The pitfalls of winning the lottery
The Globe and Mail
A kink in your retirement planning
Breakfast Television 
| Last minute destinations
Breakfast Television 
| Mastering the family vacation
Financial Post
| What’s the difference between a 4 star and 5 star hotel?
Experts Reveal 15 Ways to Save Money While Travelling in Europe
Is Mexico safe? Experts say yes, despite isolated attacks on tourists
Mexico News Daily
In general MX is safe, travel experts say
What you don’t need when you travel: foreign transaction fees
Global News 
| Last chance tourism
| Travel hacks that’ll help you save now
City TV
| March break travel advice
| The hidden costs of home ownership you may not know about
| The best time to book travel and where to go
| How to get the most out of your rewards programs
The Globe and Mail 
| How to fund a year-long trip around the world
7 genius ways to maximize PC Optimum points
Financial Post 
Turbo Charge your new PC Optimum Points
Global News
| 7 Ways to give back on your next vacation
The Globe and Mail
| Winning at travel


Global News A simple way to save money in 2018? Stop shopping
Global News Less concern about debt despite average Canadian owing more than $15K: poll
Global News
5 ways to get through long, restless flights
CTV News
| Travelers beware when flying to the Caribbean
Finances for freelancers in the gig economy
| What travellers down south should think about
| Five unique experiences in Japan
CTV News
| 5 Budget friendly fall destinations 
CTV News
| Hidden city ticketing
Daily Hive 6 easy hacks that can help you save money this summer
The Globe and Mail 
Hidden city ticketing can save travel money, but it’s not without risk
Intrepid Travel 
| 15 Places in Canada that will give you instant wanderlust
Yahoo! Finance 
| What happens when you don’t pay your bills?
Credit Canada Debt Solutions 
| Best money management blogs for 2017 
10 Personal finance bloggers share their best money advice
Slick Deals 
| 6 Cheap places to visit this spring
Modern Advisor 
| The one financial tool you should be using 
Top money bloggers’ tips for taking control of your finances
The Globe and Mail 
Early RRSP withdrawals can have lasting consequences
The Globe and Mail
 | Toronto housing prices force buyers to think creatively
| Smart tips to make buying a condo easier 
The National Post
 | When you don’t want to give up your day job
The Financial Post 
| What are you doing with your TFSA? 
The Globe and Mail
| The upside of renting is having more money to travel 
Modern Advisor 
| What next? Financial predictions for 2017


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