• Dont forget to do these 10 things before a trip or itll cost you big

    Don’t Forget to do These 10 Things Before a Trip or It’ll Cost You Big

    **This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. All opinions are my own. Everyone dreams about travelling. It’s fun to fantasize about what you’ll see and do, [...]

  • credit cards with lounge access

    Credit Cards With Lounge Access

    **This post contains affiliate links One of the worst things about travelling is the airport experience before a flight or during a layover. Think about the uncomfortable seating (when available), crowded bathrooms, overprice food, and [...]

  • Why I Still Embrace Frugal Living

    Like many other people, as I’ve grown older, my income has increased. Think of it as climbing the corporate ladder. Making more money is great, but I still embrace a frugal lifestyle. It’s not like [...]

  • Questions to ask Before You Book That Cheap Flight

    Questions to ask Before You Book That Cheap Flight

    Over the years, thanks to sites such as Nextdeparture.ca, it’s never been easier to find cheap airfare. I like saving money just like anyone else, but one big issue with these deals is that you [...]

  • how much does it cost to go to israel beach

    How Much Does it Cost to go to Israel?

    Israel is a country that fascinates many. The history (both ancient and modern), the religious significance for Christians, Jews, and Muslims, and even the current conflict attract many curious visitors from around the world. But, [...]

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