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Do mortgage brokers actually get the best rates

Do mortgage brokers actually get the best rates?

Whether it be a new home purchase or you’re looking to refinance your home, getting a new mortgage requires is usually a simple process. That said, with so many mortgage products and different rates available, many people use a mortgage broker to help them with their needs. Many people don’t realize that bank mortgage brokers…

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What do condo fees cover

What do Condo Fees Cover?

If you’re thinking about buying a condo, you’ve probably asked what do condo fees cover? Generally speaking, condo fees (or strata fees) cover building maintenance, amenities, and utilities. Condo fees aren’t cheap but it’s the price you’ll have to pay if you want to buy a condo. The tricky thing is, what condo fees cover…

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What is a mortgage amortization?

The Difference Between Mortgage Amortization and Term

When shopping for a home, many people focus on mortgage interest rates. It makes sense since the lower the rate you can get, the more home you can technically afford. While low rates are important, it’s not the only thing you should consider when getting a mortgage. The term, amortization, and features are just as…

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Why Your Overall Financial Health is More Than Just Your RRSP

One of the earliest money lessons I learned was to pay yourself first. I was seventeen at the time and just got my first paycheque. Before I had a chance to spend any of it, my dad encouraged me to open a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) at my bank. It made sense, if I…

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Properly Review

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time home buyer or if you’ve owned multiple properties, the process of buying and selling a home can be stressful. You need to deal with changing real estate prices, getting a mortgage, and moving. That’s where Properly comes into play. Properly is a Canadian fintech company that has been…

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Home Buyers Plan Explained

Home Buyers’ Plan Explained

In the market for a new home but worried about the down payment? You aren’t alone. The prices of Canadian homes are skyrocketing and while you only require a 5% down payment to buy, that 5% is still a pretty steep price for most people. There are several solutions to this problem including using money…

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Why Use a Mortgage Broker: The pros and cons

Getting a mortgage is part of buying a home. Most people assume that mortgages come from a bank and while this statement is not wrong, it’s not the only option. You can also use a mortgage broker. So, what is a mortgage broker? How much do they cost? And, are they worth it? In this…

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Are Timeshares Worth it?

Timeshares used to be all the rage. For a reasonable price, you can visit the same (or sometimes different) exotic location every year and have a spot guaranteed for you. Well, at least that’s what they tell you during the sales pitch. But are timeshares worth it? The short answer is no. Timeshares are often…

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Should you defer your mortgage, rent or credit card payments

Should you Defer Your Mortgage, Rent and Credit Card Payments?

With the world upside down, many people have been laid off or had their hours greatly reduced. As you can imagine, this has many people worried about how they’re going to pay their monthly bills. The government of Canada has done a reasonable job by introducing emergency measures that will provide income to some Canadians.…

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Investing in Toronto Real Estate

If you didn’t know, the 2020 GTA Home and Reno Show is happening from February 14-17, 2020 at the International Centre in Mississauga. It’s now formally known just as the Home Show and features more than 300 vendors and speakers including investment coach Irene Lee, who has built a significant portfolio for herself and others with…

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