I’m Barry Choi, a Toronto-based personal finance and travel expert who frequently makes media appearances. My blog Money We Have is one of Canada’s most trusted sources when it comes to money and travel.

When I first started investing I had no clue what I was doing, and I invested in whatever mutual funds my financial advisor recommended. Of course I was never told that these mutual funds had high management fees and deferred sales charges.

Disappointed with the deception, I made the best decision ever and fired him! I realized I was better off educating myself in personal finance because no one will care more about my money than me.

As one of Canada’s leading travel experts, I combine my knowledge of finance with my passion for travel and encourage people to see the world. Whether it’s adventure travel, a relaxing all-inclusive resort, or backpacking through Europe; I share practical tips everyone should know regardless of your budget.

Conflicts of Interest Disclosure

I am not a financial advisor, any advice given here is from personal experiences. Readers should do their own due diligence when making any decisions about their money. I have no formal background in finance. Everything I know is completely self-taught.

Income sources

I am a regular contributor to WestJet Magazine (paid), Skyscanner (paid), Tangerine (paid), Ratehub (paid), RateSupermarket (paid), GreedyRates (paid), and MoneySense (paid and unpaid). I do have professional journalism training, but I’m not a journalist by trade. I am only paid by the client that I’m writing for. No additional payment is received by any brand or person I mention in my articles.

On a less frequent basis, I have contributed articles or video content to The Globe and Mail (paid) PC Financial (paid), KnowRoaming (paid), CAA (paid), TuGo (paid), Borrowell (paid), Staples (paid), Intuit (paid).

From time to time, I do take on sponsored posts directly on my blog. These types of sponsored posts are clearly disclosed and usually come from companies working in the financial services or travel industries. I have also worked with government organizations to provide sponsored content.

I have appeared in videos or in the media as a paid expert during single campaigns for the Transferwise, TransUnion, Tangerine, Bank of Montreal, PC Financial, History Channel, American Express, Intuit, and CapitalOne. I have also done unpaid video work with TuGo, WestJet, and Go Banking Rates.

I irregularly appear on or have been quoted by Breakfast Television, CityLine, 680News, Newstalk1010, CBC, CP24, BNN, CTV, Global, CityNews, The Toronto Star, NewsTalk1010, The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, Tangerine, MoneySense, Creditcards.ca, and other online publications for personal finance and travel related stories.

I’ve hosted a variety of events including the Canadian Personal Finance Conference in 2015 and 2016 (unpaid), Tangerine’s Breaking Down Investments Panel Discussion and Q&A (paid), and a BMO Facebook Live event (paid).

On occasion, I do press / FAM / individual trips as a guest of tourism boards, travel agencies, or PR companies. During these travels, I may receive complimentary airfare, hotels, attraction tickets, transportation, and meals. In return, I write (and disclose) my experience. I do not receive any additional monetary compensation from these partnerships. The partner brand does not get any say in my content, nor do they get to read what I write in advance.


I receive no monetary compensation when making referrals in person or online to any financial advisor, mortgage broker, real estate agent, travel agency, airline, etc.

Some of the links I use on my site are affiliate or referral links (mainly credit cards and hotels) which earn me a small income or credit.

I do have personal relationships with various people who work in the finance and travel industries. When we socialize outside of a working environment, we share or alternate meal expenses.