The Best Foodie Destinations in the World

Ever since I stopped backpacking during my travels, I made food one of my priorities whenever I went abroad. Honestly, I would rather eat delicious food than stare at ancient temples or historic churches. Heck, I even remember when my wife and I were in Nara, Japan and decided to call it quits because we had [...]

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The Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is a dream destination for many, however, the fear of expensive costs often makes people second guess travelling to this county. That being said, Japan has some pretty cool and affordable accommodation options, including capsule hotels in Tokyo. What is a capsule hotel? Also known as a pod hotel, a capsule hotel provides [...]

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American Express Business Gold Card Review

The American Express Business Gold card is one of the best travel credit cards in Canada, but often gets overlooked because it’s a business card. What most people don’t realize is that you don’t have to have a business to apply. Sure, it’ll ask you for your business information, but you can put in anything [...]

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The Best in Europe 2018

Travel authority Lonely Planet recently announced their annual list of the Best in Europe for 2018. Usually, with these lists, you’ll find the big names such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Venice, but this is Lonely Planet we’re talking about. Their 2018 list covers some of the most underrated spots where you won’t find a ton [...]

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Rogers World Elite Mastercard Review

Disclosure: I’m a casual employee of Rogers, but not a spokesperson. All opinions are my own. In the last little while, Rogers has been offering the Rogers World Elite Mastercard to select customers. The early reports were encouraging, so I reached out to Rogers directly and they confirmed to me that the card will be [...]

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5 Ways to Save for a Vacation Without Making it Feel Like You’re Saving

One of the biggest complaints I hear about travel is how expensive it can be. Sure, some people may end up spending five digits a year on their travels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good trip for $1,500. I honestly believe that travelling doesn’t have to be expensive, but admittedly, coming up [...]

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Rogers Platinum Mastercard Review

**This Rogers Platinum Mastercard review is based on the changes coming into effect as of May 23, 2018. Also note that I'm a casual employee of Rogers but not a spokesperson. If you’re considering a Rogers Mastercard, understand that they currently have two available: The Rogers Platinum Mastercard and the Rogers World Elite Mastercard. The [...]

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