How to Redeem Travel Points for Gift Cards or a Statement Credit

With most of the best travel rewards programs, redeeming your points for a gift card or statement credit is one of the worst things you can do since they offer low value compared to travel rewards. Generally speaking (and depending on the program), using your points for anything besides travel will devalue your points by [...]

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Triangle World Elite Mastercard Review

Canadian Tire is easily one of the most recognized retailers in Canada. They've been around for almost 100 years and throughout the years, they've reinvented themselves a few times. These changes have mostly been cosmetic as everyone know what they'll get at Canadian Tire, but a couple of years ago they decided to change up [...]

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How Trip Cancellation Insurance Works

I always tell people that having travel insurance is a must whenever you travel. Not only should you have travel medical, but you should also have travel insurance that covers things such as trip cancellation, flight delay, baggage delay, car rental theft, etc. Having travel insurance covers you in the event that you need medical [...]

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20% off WestJet Flights as They Celebrate WestJet Rewards’s 10th Anniversary

Today is a special day in the loyalty space, WestJet Rewards is celebrating their 10th anniversary. Normally, I wouldn’t get too excited about this milestone, but WestJet Rewards is one of the best travel rewards programs in Canada (if not the world in my opinion). The reason why I think it’s so good is that [...]

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TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Review

There are many different Aeroplan credit cards on the market, but TD is the official partner of Aeroplan. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter who’s the official partner since consumers should only care about how specific cards benefit them. TD has three different Aeroplan cards, but the most popular one is the TD Aeroplan Visa [...]

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