Credit card loyalty

PC Optimum Insiders review

PC Optimum Insiders Review | Get 25,000 points ($25) for free

Are you looking for a PC Optimum Insiders review? PC Optimum Insiders (formerly known as PC Insiders) has been around for a few years now, and many members (myself included) swear by it. The ability to earn additional PC Optimum points and all the extra perks easily made the annual fee worth it. When the…

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American Express Membership Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards Guide | How to maximize your points

In my opinion, the American Express Membership Rewards program is the best bank travel rewards program in Canada. They’re highly flexible and the points are valuable. While it’s true that not every merchant accepts American Express, you shouldn’t let that deter you from earning points. What many people don’t realize is that with Amex Membership…

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HSBC Rewards Guide | How to maximize your points

Although HSBC Rewards is a program that’s used all over the world, it’s not as popular in Canada since HSBC isn’t one of the big five banks. What you might not realize is that HSBC is the largest foreign-owned bank in Canada and is present coast to coast. Their credit card portfolio is impressive and…

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CIBC Rewards Review

CIBC Rewards Guide | How to maximize your points

CIBC Rewards, often referred to as CIBC Aventura, is CIBC’s travel loyalty program. Although I rank the CIBC Rewards program behind American Express Membership Rewards and RBC Rewards, it’s still an excellent program that deserves your attention. For whatever reason, CIBC credit cards aren’t that popular. However, when you look at the details, you’ll realize…

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TD Rewards Guide | How to maximize your points

TD’s most popular premium credit card might be the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite, but many people don’t realize that TD also has its own credit card travel loyalty program in TD Rewards. When you compare TD Rewards points to other bank reward programs such as BMO Rewards, Scotia Rewards and RBC Rewards, TD Rewards is…

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RBC Rewards review

RBC Rewards Guide | How to get the most out of your points

RBC Rewards is Royal Bank’s credit card rewards program and is quite popular in Canada. To be honest, the program is likely popular since RBC is one of the big banks in Canada and has an insane number of clients. That’s not to say the program isn’t any good. Heck, I think it’s one of…

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PC Optimum

PC Optimum Points | How to earn more points fast!

Do you want to know how do PC points work? PC Optimum Points is one of the most popular loyalty programs in Canada. It’s probably the #1 retail loyalty program in the country and you should definitely join it if you’re not already a member. In case you didn’t know, PC Optimum is the merged…

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Air Miles Review | How Canada’s most popular loyalty program works

Of all loyalty programs in Canada, Air Miles is the most recognized one and counts over 11 million members. Created in 1992, it has since made partnerships with over 200 retailers and travel-related suppliers. Honestly, Air Miles is probably the first loyalty program I ever heard of since my dad used to collect Air Miles…

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Scotia Rewards

Scotia Rewards Guide | How to maximize your points

Scotia Rewards is one of the most popular credit card rewards programs in Canada. What makes it appealing is that it’s easy to earn points, your points are flexible and Scotiabank has some great credit cards. When compared to other bank travel rewards programs, many people believe Scotia Rewards is the best. The best might…

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BMO Rewards review

BMO Rewards Guide | How to maximize your points

Are you looking for a BMO Rewards guide? BMO Rewards is one of the most popular credit card rewards programs in Canada, but they’re making some changes come May 5th, 2021. This is incredibly annoying as it’s a devaluation. That said BMO Rewards is still popular since it’s easy to earn and redeem points. Naturally,…

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