Credit card loyalty

The best metal credit cards in Canada

The Best Metal Credit Cards in Canada for 2022

Just a few years ago, it was difficult to get a metal credit card in Canada. American Express was the only provider that offered one, and it was only available to their Platinum cardholders. However,…

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RBC Rewards review

Avion Rewards Guide | Formerly RBC Rewards

RBC Rewards recently merged with Avion to become Avion Rewards. That change from Royal Bank’s credit card rewards program is mostly cosmetic, but as a points collector, you need to know the ins and outs of…

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credit cards with lounge access

The Best Credit Cards With Lounge Access for 2022

One of the worst things about travelling is the airport experience before a flight or during a layover. Think about the uncomfortable seating (when available), crowded bathrooms, overpriced food and noisy/busy areas. To escape this…

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The Best Scotiabank Credit Cards in Canada for 2022

Have you ever wondered what the best Scotiabank credit cards in Canada are? Well, it really depends on how often you travel, the type of rewards you like to earn, and how much you spend…

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American Express Membership Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards Guide | How to maximize your points

In my opinion, the American Express Membership Rewards program is the best bank travel rewards program in Canada. They’re highly flexible and the points are valuable. While it’s true that not every merchant accepts American…

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Scotia Rewards

Scene+ Guide | Formerly Scotia Rewards

As of Dec. 31, 2021, Scotia Rewards and SCENE will merge to become Scene+. While I personally think that rebranding Scotia Rewards to put more emphasis on SCENE (which is the loyalty program for Cineplex)…

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Canada’s Bank Travel Rewards Programs Ranked

One of the questions I get asked the most is what is the best travel program in Canada? That’s not an easy answer since it depends on the type of points you like to earn,…

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BMO Rewards review

BMO Rewards Guide | How to maximize your points

Are you looking for a BMO Rewards guide? BMO Rewards is one of the most popular credit card rewards programs since it’s easy to earn and redeem points. Naturally, many people who have a BMO account will…

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Marriott Rewards Review

Marriott Bonvoy Guide | Maximize your points

Are you looking for a Marriott Bonvoy guide? Ever since Marriott Rewards merged with Starwood Preferred Guest and Ritz-Carlton Rewards in August 2018, the combined program has easily become the most popular hotel loyalty program…

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WestJet Companion Voucher Explained

Have you ever noticed the option to select the WestJet companion voucher on their website? It’s right there on the main page above where you choose your destinations for flights. Some people may have ignored that checkbox…

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