Why Your Overall Financial Health is More Than Just Your RRSP

One of the earliest money lessons I learned was to pay yourself first. I was seventeen at the time and just got my first paycheque. Before I had a chance to spend any of it, my dad encouraged me to open a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) at my bank. It made sense, if I…

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PC Insiders review

PC Insiders Review | Get 25,000 points ($25) for free

**PC INSIDERS IS CHANGING AS OF OCTOBER 8, 2020. The below review is based on what’s coming. See for the details** PC Insiders has been around for a few years now, and many members (myself included) swear by it. The ability to earn additional PC Optimum points and all the extra perks easily made…

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PC Optimum Points | How to earn more points fast!

PC Optimum Points is one of the most popular loyalty programs in Canada. It’s probably the #1 retail loyalty program in the country and you should definitely join it if you’re not already a member. In case you didn’t know, PC Optimum is the merged program of Optimum and PC Plus. This merger took place…

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How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a well-established method used by brands looking to promote products through a network of publishers and pay out on individual meaningful results, such as $100 per approved credit card or $40 for a lead.  For many publishers (including bloggers), it’s a chance to build revenue by placing affiliate links on their site…

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LBC Digital Review

The best high interest savings accounts in Canada just got a new player as Laurentian Bank has just launched LBC Digital, an online bank that helps Canadians improve their financial health. Like many other digital banks, you’ll pay no fees and get a high interest rate which is currently at 1.50%. This is one of…

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Grocery Stores That Price Match in Canada

For many of us, monthly expenses such as groceries, utilities, rent or mortgage payments, car insurance, and more can quickly add up. Therefore, we are always eager to budget and save where we can. One of the best ways to save money on a monthly or weekly basis is by shopping for your groceries at…

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EQ Bank Review

EQ Bank Review 2020 | Get 1.70% interest*

If you’re looking for a Canadian bank that offers a good interest rate, then you need to check out EQ Bank who’s one of the most popular digital banks in Canada Right now, their interest rate is a respectable 1.70% interest* rate on their EQ Bank Savings Plus Account and easily makes it one of…

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Tangerine Bank Review

Formerly known as ING Direct, Tangerine Bank has been in Canada for more than two decades. They were one of the first digital banks in the country and is one of the most recognized brands out there. The advantage of being one of the first players out there is that they know what their customers…

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Motive Financial Review

Motive Financial is the online banking division of Canadian Western Bank (CWB). Originally, this online platform was called Canadian Direct Financial which was created in 2008, however, in 2017 the company rebranded and Motive Financial was born. Due to the fact that Motive Financial is an online bank only, they are able to offer various…

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best currency exchange

The 5 Best Currency Exchange Options For Travellers

You’ve booked your flights, your itinerary is set and now all you need is some local cash Getting foreign currency is easy but choosing the right method could save you a ton of cash. What do I mean? Well, whenever you exchange money, there are fees involved. How much you pay in fees depends on…

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