PC Optimum Insiders review

PC Optimum Insiders Review | Get 25,000 points ($25) for free

Are you looking for a PC Optimum Insiders review? PC Optimum Insiders (formerly known as PC Insiders) has been around for a few years now, and many members (myself included) swear by it. The ability to earn additional PC Optimum points and all the extra perks easily made the annual fee worth it. When the…

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Should You Lend Money to Friends or Family

Should You Lend Money to Friends or Family?

One of the most common questions I get is should you lend money to family or friends? Generally speaking, I’d advise against it, but I understand it’s a complicated situation. You want to help if you can, but at the same time, money can ruin relationships. I personally have been burned twice lending money to…

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EQ Bank Review

EQ Bank Review 2021 | Get 1.25% interest*

If you’re looking for a Canadian bank that offers a good interest rate, then you need to check out EQ Bank who’s one of the most popular digital banks in Canada Right now, their interest rate is a respectable 1.25% interest* rate on their EQ Bank Savings Plus Account and easily makes it one of…

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Rakuten Canada Review | Get $5 for free

Rakuten Canada which is formerly known as is arguably the most known online cash back shopping portal worldwide. Ebates was founded in California in 1998 and it was an instant success getting millions of users. It became so popular that it was acquired in 2014 for one billion dollars by Japanese giant Rakuten (hence…

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PC Optimum

PC Optimum Points | How to earn more points fast!

Do you want to know how do PC points work? PC Optimum Points is one of the most popular loyalty programs in Canada. It’s probably the #1 retail loyalty program in the country and you should definitely join it if you’re not already a member. In case you didn’t know, PC Optimum is the merged…

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General Assembly Pizza Subscription review

General Assembly Pizza Subscription Review | Get $22 off

Are you looking for a General Assembly Pizza subscription review? If you’re a pizza monster like me, then you’ve probably been hit by the ads on Facebook. At first glance, the idea sounds weird. Why would I want pizzas delivered to me monthly when I can just order them whenever I want? I brushed it…

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Norberts gambit

Norbert’s Gambit: A step-by-step guide

Have you ever heard of Norbert’s Gambit? It’s the cheapest way to convert CAD to USD and vice versa. The trick is incredibly handy for people who need to exchange huge amounts of US dollars. For example, you might want to start investing in US listed stocks or you may be purchasing a home in…

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KOHO Save review

KOHO Save Review

Are you looking for a KOHO Save review? I’ve got you covered. KOHO Save is a new feature from KOHO where you’ll earn 1.2% interest on your entire balance. Interest rates are per year, calculated daily and paid monthly. This is not a teaser rate, you’ll earn that interest rate on every dollar you deposit.…

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Ontario energy rebates

Ontario Energy Rebates

Are you looking for Ontario energy rebates? At any given time, there are multiple incentives and rebates available that can help you save money if you’re looking to make energy efficient upgrades. How much you get back depends on where you live, what you’re upgrading to, and who your energy provider is. To help you…

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Motive Financial Review

Motive Financial is the online banking division of Canadian Western Bank (CWB). Originally, this online platform was called Canadian Direct Financial which was created in 2008, however, in 2017 the company rebranded and Motive Financial was born. Due to the fact that Motive Financial is an online bank only, they are able to offer various…

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