Stocktrades Premium Vs Stock Advisor Canada Review

Stocktrades Premium Vs Stock Advisor Canada Review 2022

Looking for stock ideas? How to get started in the markets? Access to quality research?  As Canadians, we don’t have many options when it comes to investment services.  So, I took it upon myself to have a look at one of Canada’s leading investment platforms, along with one of Canada’s fastest growing in recent times,…

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How to Transfer Your RRSP to Another Financial Institution

Have you ever wondered how to transfer your RRSP to another financial institution? It’s a legit question and you may want to do it for a variety of reasons. Some people may prefer to have all their finances with a single bank while others are likely tired of fees or lack of returns from their…

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Are GICs Worth it

Are GICs Worth it? Understanding GIC Investments

Are GICs worth it? When some people think of investing, they tend to think of it as a high-risk strategy. Often, we associate investments with the stock market which can be incredibly volatile. While some people love to invest in stocks, others shy away from it, prioritizing security over the risk that comes with potential…

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management expense ratio

Understanding Your Management Expense Ratio (MER)

One of the most commonly talked about topics in the personal finance world is fees. Most people realize that you’re going to pay a fee since you’re getting a service, but you may be shocked to find out how much you’re paying in fees. Eliminating small daily fees are great for improving our cash flow,…

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Collecting CPP and OAS while Living Abroad

Collecting CPP and OAS While Living Abroad

Did you know that collecting CPP and OAS while living abroad is possible? With retirement comes a lot of freedom and for many Canadians, that means the opportunity to travel more. For some Canadians, it may even mean moving abroad. Fortunately, you can collect many Canadian pensions and benefits while living abroad. However, where you…

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What is a Mutual Fund? Everything you need to know

Have you ever wondered what is a mutual fund? It’s easily the most popular type of investment product, yet many people have no idea what they are and how they work. While that may sound surprising, it shouldn’t be since most people let their financial advisor or financial institution make investment decisions on their behalf.…

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Canadian Discount Brokerages

How to choose between Canadian Discount Brokerages

If you’re a Canadian investor who is looking to DIY their way to a respectable nest egg, then deciding which of Canada’s online brokerages you use is one of your first (and most impactful) decisions. After many years of trying to convince Canadians that they need to cut costs to the bone and drop their…

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What Happens to My Pension if I Quit My Job Canada

What Happens to My Pension if I Quit My Job?

When I had a corporate job, my employer had a defined benefit (DB) pension plan. While these golden handcuffs were undoubtedly great, I did wonder what happens to my pension if I quit my job? I knew there would be a few different options. However, I never thought much about it because I assumed I…

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RRSP deadline

RRSP Deadline, Contribution Limit, and Tax Deduction

Are you looking for the RRSP deadline? From an early age, Canadians are encouraged to save up money and invest in a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) for their future. An RRSP can be a very smart tool to help save for retirement if used properly. However, as a government-registered account, your RRSP has a…

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My Pension Deferral Dilemma

As some of you know, I quit my full-time job in January of 2018 to freelance and spend more time with my daughter. What you may not know is that I was still technically an employee since I would do the occasional shift during a major event. Oh, it also allowed me to keep all…

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