Travel hacking

Creating a travel hacking strategy

Creating a Travel Hacking Strategy

When it comes down to it, travel hacking is very straightforward. You apply for credit cards, collect the sign-up bonuses, and then you use those points for “free” travel. The thing is, you still need…

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Can I get a Business Credit Card Without a Business

Can I get a Business Credit Card Without a Business?

Can I get a business credit card without a business may seem like a weird question to ask, but it makes a lot of sense when you start doing your research. Some of the best…

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Calculating the value of your reward points

Calculating the Value of Your Reward Points

Calculating the value of your reward points is essential when travel hacking. Since every flight and hotel you book has a different price, the value you get when redeeming your points will change. In an…

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Travel loyalty programs in Canada

Travel Loyalty Programs in Canada

One critical mistake that people make when travel hacking is choosing the wrong travel loyalty programs. Understandably, most people who get into this game usually already collect some kind of travel rewards or points. There’s…

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Switching credit cards

Switching Credit Cards

One of the most annoying aspects of travel hacking is cancelling your current cards and then applying for new ones. Many people find it to be a hassle and don’t want to deal with it.…

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Credit card welcome bonuses & meeting the minimum spend requirement

Credit Card Welcome Bonuses

Once you start travel hacking, you’ll quickly realize that the most important things are the credit card welcome bonuses that you get when you sign up for a new credit card. There’s simply no other…

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How to travel hack

How to travel hack

Now that you know what travel hacking is, you’re probably wondering how to travel hack? As mentioned, all you really need to do is sign up for a few credit cards. Not only will you…

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What is travel hacking

What is travel hacking? A beginners guide for lazy people

Have you wondered what travel hacking is? It’s a technique available to everyone where you can save big on travel. I personally have travel hacked myself to a free first-class flight on Emirates from Dubai…

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Earning rewards points as a family

Earning Rewards Points as a Family

Travel hacking is incredibly easy when you’re doing things on your own. You can apply for credit cards when you want, and the points you earn can be used at your discretion. While travelling solo…

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The risk and rewards of travel hacking

The Risks and Rewards of Travel Hacking

I’ve been travel hacking for years now and have taken some incredible trips, but there’s one thing the travel hacking community doesn’t focus on that I think needs more attention: risks and rewards. Travel hacking…

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