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What Happens if I Don’t use my Credit Card

The Best Travel Credit Cards in Canada 2022

I recently decided to overhaul my list of the best travel credit cards in Canada. In the past, I focused on the welcome bonus, but I believe that going the category route makes more sense since every person has different travel goals. The cards I’ve chosen are a bit subjective, but I do think they’re…

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PC Financial mastercard review

PC Financial World Elite Mastercard Review

In this PC Financial World Elite Mastercard review, I’m going to share all the details including how you can maximize your PC Optimum points. To simply put it, using the PC Financial World Elite Mastercard is the quickest way to earn PC Optimum points. Best of all, There’s no annual fee. Anyone who collects PC…

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PC Financial Mastercard review

PC Financial Mastercard Review

There aren’t many PC Financial Mastercard reviews out there since this is a basic entry-level card. Most people prefer to focus on the higher-tier PC Financial World Elite Mastercard. While that card is great if you have a high income, the PC Financial Mastercard is aimed at people on a lower income and want to…

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Stack Mastercard Review

STACK Mastercard Review

Are you looking for a STACK Mastercard review? While the STACK Mastercard may not be a household name, it has a few quirks that make it interesting. You get your foreign exchange fees reimbursed (up to CAD $1,000 foreign exchange spend) if you spend at least CAD $350 each month. While this spending threshold is…

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The Best BMO Credit Cards

Arguing over the best BMO credit cards is a bit unnecessary when you think about it. Every Bank of Montreal credit card is different and what may be the best BMO credit card for you may not necessarily be the best for someone else. The key thing to understand is that you should be picking…

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PC Financial World Mastercard review

PC Financial World Mastercard Review

PC Optimum is one of the most popular loyalty programs in Canada. If you want to maximize your earnings potential, then you need to sign up for one of the PC Financial Mastercards. In total, there are three different PC Financial credit cards and which one you get is based on your household income. In…

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The Best Credit Cards in Canada for 2022

When you look at the various lists of the best credit cards in Canada for 2022, you’ll quickly notice that everyone has different criteria. Some people will say they’re unbiased and use data points to come up with their lists, but I think that’s silly as you can’t rely strictly on numbers to come up…

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The Best Credit Cards with Rental Car Insurance in Canada for 2022

Have you wondered what are the best credit cards with rental car insurance in Canada are? Admittedly, they’re all very similar. What you’re looking for is a card that covers the length of your trip and the MSRP of your vehicle. Even though the policies may be nearly identical, it’s worth knowing what’s available so…

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The Best no fee Credit Cards in Canada for 2022

What are the best no fee credit cards in Canada? The best travel credit cards and best cash back credit cards in Canada are extremely popular, but most of them come with an annual fee. This isn’t a big deal if you believe the benefits are worth it, but what about credit cards with no…

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The Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit in Canada for 2022

You may have heard that having a good credit score is something you should strive for, but what does that mean? Well, our credit score is a number between 300 and 900, the higher the number, the better our credit score is. This is important since we require a high credit score if we ever…

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