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The Best Credit Cards in Canada for 2020

Picking the best credit cards in Canada depends on what you’re looking for. Some people may want travel rewards while others prefer cash back. You can even break things down further by looking for a hotel credit card or one without an annual fee. The best card comes down to personal preference, but if you’re…

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BMO AIR MILES Mastercard Review | No annual fee

AIR MILES is one of Canada’s most popular loyalty programs with over 11 million members. There are many ways to earn and redeem AIR MILES, but there is no faster way than applying to an AIR MILES credit card. Having an AIR MILES co-branded credit card will earn you miles for all your purchases at…

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KOHO review

KOHO Review

KOHO has been around for a few years now and it has quickly become one of the most popular fintech companies in Canada. The concept is simple, KOHO is a reloadable Visa card and app that gives you real-time insights on your spending while helping you reach your financial goals by automating some of your…

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Best Budget Apps Available in Canada

Creating a budget is a smart financial decision since it can help you track your spending and help you save. But, as helpful as this can, creating a budget can be painful. At least if you do it traditionally with spreadsheets or pen and paper. However, thanks to technology today there are many easier ways…

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The Best BMO Credit Cards

Arguing over the best BMO credit cards is a bit unnecessary when you think about it. Every Bank of Montreal credit card is different and what may be the best BMO credit card for you may not necessarily be the best for someone else. The key thing to understand is that you should be picking…

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The Best Air Miles Credit Cards

AIR MILES is one of the most popular loyalty programs in Canada but have you ever wondered what the best Air Miles credit cards are? Unlike some of the best travel credit cards in Canada, the best Airmiles credit card can be harder to choose since there are a limited amount of credit cards to…

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What Happens if I Don’t use my Credit Card

The Best Travel Credit Cards in Canada

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MBNA True Line Mastercard review

MBNA True Line Mastercard Review

If you’re currently carrying a balance on your credit card, forget about the best travel credit cards in Canada. Instead, you should apply for a low interest, balance transfer credit card. As the name implies, these credit cards allow you to transfer over an existing balance from your other credit cards. By doing this, you…

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PC Financial mastercard review

PC Financial World Elite Mastercard Review

Looking for a PC Financial World Elite Mastercard review? I’ve got you covered. The PC Financial World Elite Mastercard is one of the most popular cards on the market since you’re able to earn 45 PC Optimum points per dollar spent at Shoppers Drug Mart and 30 PC Optimum points per $1 spent at Loblaws,…

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Walmart Rewards Mastercard Review

If you’re a regular shopper at Walmart, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been prompted to apply for the Walmart Rewards Mastercard. Seriously, the employees there are trained quite well as I’m always promoted to apply for the card whenever I use a different credit card to pay. The staff even asks me if…

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