DIY investing

What is

What is

In the past few years, interest rates were at historical lows and many investors didn’t even look at fixed income investments. The exception was high-interest saving accounts where people would park their money for short-term…

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How to manage your investments

DIY Investing | How to manage your investment portfolio and reach your financial goals

You’ve created your stock market portfolio—but how do you ensure that you don’t lose your hard-earned money? After all, we’ve seen the stock market crash multiple times in the past several decades. We’ve also witnessed…

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How to choose and open a brokerage account

DIY Investing | How to choose and open a brokerage account

With so many online brokers, trying to choose one and buying stocks can seem intimidating. Here I’ll guide you through the discount brokerages available in Canada, how to open an account and make your first…

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stock market portfolio

DIY Investing: How to create your stock market portfolio

To become a successful DIY investor, you’ll need to understand the accounts you can use and the financial products available to achieve your goals. In my opinion, this is the fun part of being a…

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all-in-one ETFs

DIY Investing: All-in-one ETFs

With thousands of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds available in the market, it can be dizzying trying to determine which are the most suitable for your investor type. No one can predict which industries…

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What type of investor are you

DIY Investing: What type of investor are you?

It takes courage to become a DIY investor. Kudos to you for choosing this path. But before you start buying stocks, it’s important to understand your investor personality type. We’ll take you through the various…

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DIY Investing is it right for you

DIY Investing: Is it right for you?

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced investor, you hope that you can reach your financial goals by investing in the stock market. Perhaps, along the way, you’ve wondered whether you have what it takes…

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How to invest in index funds

How to invest in index funds?

Do you want to know how to invest in index funds? It doesn’t matter if you’re a new investor or approaching retirement, index investing is a strategy that works for anyone. Even Warren Buffett recommends…

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How to Transfer Your RRSP to Another Financial Institution

Have you ever wondered how to transfer your RRSP to another financial institution? It’s a legit question if you’re considering a change. Some people may prefer to have all their finances with a single bank, while…

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Norberts gambit

Norbert’s Gambit: A detailed step-by-step guide

Have you ever heard of Norbert’s Gambit? This trick was first made popular by Norbert Schlenker as a way to convert CAD to USD and vice versa while minimizing currency exchange fees. The trick is incredibly…

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