What is Your Money for?

Back in November I attended the Canadian Personal Finance Conference. If you’re not familiar with CPFC, it’s basically where a lot of Canadian money bloggers, writers, and professionals get together to talk about content, branding, and all things money. One of the keynote speakers was Bruce Sellery, the author of Moolala. I’ve known Bruce for [...]

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Worried About Trump? Here’s What to do With Your Money

Ever since Donald Trump became President of the United States (and even before), he’s been making headlines for a variety of reasons. From his immigration policy to his weird handshakes, people can’t stop discussing Trump. The problem with these kinds of headlines is that it creates a lot of uncertainties. What the President says or [...]

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6 Things I’ve Bought Used (and you should too)

Some people I know only buy things new. I get it; there’s a certain appeal about getting something brand new or being the first owner. But for me, purchasing some things used sometimes makes sense. Okay, let’s be realistic, I do it is because I can save money. Many items are significantly cheaper when bought used. [...]

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Scotia iTRADE Improves the Client Experience

** This post has been brought to you in partnership with Scotia iTRADE. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Scotia iTRADE. One of Canada’s leading online brokerages, Scotia iTRADE has redesigned their website giving their clients and new users an even better experience. The idea is [...]

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