Canadians Facing Barriers When it Comes to Investing

When I started this blog, I never intended to talk much about investing, but it’s become a topic that’s become quite popular with my readers. I don’t think I did anything special since I started investing in mutual funds with my bank before I became a DIY investor, but I’ve realized that investing can be [...]

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HSBC Premier World Elite MasterCard review

When CHASE decided to pull the Visa card, there were some concerns from the credit card community that Canadians would soon have limited choice when it comes to credit cards with no foreign transaction fees. However, a few months later, it appears that we’ve been given even more choice than ever. The most recent [...]

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Financial Aid Opportunities for Canadians Looking for an American Education

**Editors note: Today's guest post comes from Jacob over at Dollar Diligence,  a personal finance blog that teaches you to be intentional with your money. While Canada has a fantastic higher education system, many Canadian students may choose to come to the United States to attend college. Of course, however, American colleges and universities can be [...]

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Is Spending Over $300 on a Naturopath Appointment Worthwhile?

Just last year, I was dealing with a ton of physical health issues. To be honest with you, it’s hard to explain all my bodily functions without likely forcing you to click exit or try to read while simultaneously covering your eyes. So, I’ll try to simplify my health into a basic explanation. In 2016, [...]

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Canadian Credit Cards Without Foreign Transaction Fees

One of the most annoying things about credit cards is the fact that most of them charge an additional fee of 2.5% when we make a purchase in a foreign currency. You'd be forgiven if you didn't know about this since it's not widely advertised, but the fee is rolled right into the exchange making it [...]

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This Behaviour has Been Ruining Your Budget, and You Didn’t Even Realize it

**Editor's note: This is the first post from one of my new regular contributors, Alyssa Fischer. She claims she's not an expert on personal finance — which is why it's easy for her to explain financial topics without getting too intense. You can find her on her blog, Mixed Up Money, where she proves money [...]

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