How to Build Your Own Financial Spreadsheet

**Today's guest post comes from Lars Kroijer, a former hedge fund manager based in London who has contributed to my site a few times now. In a world where online financial advice is omnipotent and financial calculators and portfolio management systems are free and easy to find, you might wonder why you should bother to do [...]

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Should You Save Your Friends From Money Mistakes?

As a personal finance blogger, I know more about money than the average person. I suppose this is a good thing since I never (hopefully) have to worry about money. But, am I supposed to get involved when the people around me start complaining about money? My logical conclusion is no. It’s not my job [...]

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7 Ways our Non-Traditional Wedding Saved us Money

Weddings are expensive. Yes, there is nothing new with this statement. You read about how expensive weddings are in every corner of the internet. Whether you’re an avid reader of fashion blogs, sports highlights, or (hello) personal finance information – we all talk about marriage. The curse of the wedding day cost Once you get [...]

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What to do if Your Luggage is Delayed or Damaged

One of the worst things that can happen to you when travelling is if your luggage is delayed, damaged, or lost. If it’s at the start or the middle of your trip, it’s a major inconvenience. If it happens when you return home, it’s arguably more annoying since you end your travels on a down [...]

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Why I’m Not Abandoning my Financial Advisor Anytime Soon

I’ve been a do-it-yourself investor for quite a few years now, and I’ve never regretted that decision. I initially switched my investments from mutual funds to TD e-Series funds. But at the start of the year, I switched again to exchange traded funds to lower my management expense ratio (MER). I’ve calculated that I’ll likely [...]

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3 Steps to get Your Finances Back on Track

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of President’s Choice Financial®. All opinions are my own. Did you know that November is Financial Literacy Month? The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada came up with the idea to encourage Canadians to take control of their finances. Private, public, and non-profit organizations all get [...]

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Online Investing has Never Been Easier Than it is Right Now

**Editors note: Today's guest post comes from Dan Kent, a writer and co-founder of A DIY investor for 7 years now, Dan has a combination of dividend, growth and real estate investments in his portfolio and is looking to continually grow his net worth. You can follow him on Twitter at @Stocktrades_CA To most in [...]

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