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Life with Scarlett has been absolutely amazing. She’s almost seven weeks old and has brought so much joy to our family. We wished a long time for her, and now we’re head over heels in love with her.

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of our top priorities of being a new parent was getting serious about saving. It’s not like we didn’t have a plan, but we found that we were spending a bit more than we should be while on a single income.

To help us save, I partnered with Kijiji to take part in a “Side Hustle” challenge where I would be sourcing any upcoming baby accessories through the second-hand economy. In just one month, we’ve already saved $275.43. That’s a pretty good return so I can’t wait for the final tally next month. Here’s a look at how I’ve been saving big on baby accessories.

Baby Accessories I’ve sourced on Kijiji

When I started this challenge, the first #KijijiFind I looked for was a Mamaroo. A few of my friends who have children told me what a great item it is. The only problem is, it’s expensive with a retail price of $320. When you factor in HST, that’s $361.60 I’d have to spend if I bought new.

As soon as I searched for the MamaRoo, I found a few listings on Kijiji ranging in price from $225 – $300. Maybe I got lucky, but the lowest ask of $225 was the newest model available, so I immediately contacted the seller. I made an offer of $200 and offered to pick it up that night. Since the seller’s baby had outgrown the MamaRoo, he accepted. He emphasized how it had helped his baby sleep and it was packaged in the original box ready to go. Of course, he insisted I check it out before I left and offered a refund if there was anything wrong with it. I saved $161.60 total or 45% compared to what I would have paid if I bought new. Needless to say, Scarlett is enjoying her MamaRoo.

The next items I picked up were unplanned. While browsing Instagram, one of my friends had her son in a seat on top of the kitchen table. After asking, my buddy told me that it was a Bumbo seat and it’s useful when your child is older, but it has a limited shelf life since they will outgrow it. This sounded like a great item to buy used. A quick search showed there were 25 local listings which meant I had leverage. A seller that lived near me had it listed for $15 so I messaged him and arranged a time to meet up. This was a pretty straight forward transaction, we agreed on a time and met at nearby coffee shop. It was pretty easy to communicate as we had exchanged numbers and just sent each other text messages when we arrived. Even though the Bumbo seat was in near mint condition, the seller cleaned it before I arrived. Since the Bumbo seat has a retail price of $64.99 + HST ($73.44), I ended up saving $58.44, – 80% off retail. Scarlett’s too small for it now, but I’ll put it to good use later.

A mist humidifier was another thing I wasn’t thinking too much about. During a visit to our pediatrician, he mentioned that a humidifier would help when Scarlett sleeps in her room later. I checked Babies R Us first and found that it retails for $79.99 + HST ($90.39). Gently used, they were going for about $25 – $40 on Kijiji. I secured one for $35 which was a savings of $55.39 or 61% off retail. What attracted me to this seller was the condition of the humidifier. There were plenty of pictures on the listing, so I was fairly confident that it was well taken care of. I inspected it when I arrived and it was indeed in great condition.

If you’ve been keeping track, I’ve already saved a total of $275.43 on just three items. I wish I had thought about buying more baby accessories earlier via the second-hand economy. They’re one of the most found items, so I could have easily saved much more! I’ve found that dealing with sellers who are also parents understand the struggle of baby expenses and managing your time, so they’re very accommodating.

Tips for getting the best deals on Kijiji

With so many listings available, it’s important to have a strategy before you make an offer. Here are some tips I have to help you find the best deal.

Do your research – Regardless of what you’re looking for, you need to know what the regular retail price is so you know how much you could potentially save. With that in mind, search to see what the average price is. If there are multiple listings for similar items, then you’ll likely be able to get a better price from a motivated seller.

Come up with a fair offer – Haggling on a price may seem tacky and rude, but some sellers don’t mind it as long as you’re offering a fair price. How do you determine a fair price? During your research, you would have come across a range of prices. If you message a seller and offer them a price lower than what they’re asking but within the average range, you may get a yes. Just don’t make a lowball offer, no one likes those.

Ask questions before you buy – Some sellers are great with their listings and put up detailed descriptions. However, if you have questions, be sure to ask them. Some common questions include: Is the item still under warranty? Do you have a smoke and pet-free home? How old is the item? Are there any damages? Where did you buy the item? With all your questions answered, you can decide if you’re ready to make an offer.

The lowest price may not be right for you – It’s tempting to reach out to the seller with the lowest price, but consider all the tips above. Other buyers will likely accept a fair price, and you want to make sure the item you’re purchasing is in good condition. I usually try to contact sellers who live close to me since it makes my life easier.

Save with me

The best part about my Side Hustle Challenge is that you can save with me. Tell me what baby accessories deals you’ve found on Kijiji by tagging me on Twitter @barrychoi, and using the hashtag #KijijiFind. So far, some of my followers have told me how they’ve saved big on baby bathtubs, playmats, baby clothes, and strollers. I’ll be updating my challenge on Twitter on a regular basis so be sure to follow me now.

Saving Big on Baby Accessories

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