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Europe food costs vary per city but it’s easy to find a good value for your money as long as you don’t eat out every meal.

Here’s a picture blog of all the food I ate in Europe along with the cost listed in Canadian dollars.  I tend to grab a quick takeout lunch and have a sit down dinner which helps balance my budget.

For reference I just came back from Istanbul, Budapest, Amsterdam, and Belgium so as you can imagine I ate a lot and sampled many different cuisines.


This was our first meal, chicken shrawarma on a pita with pickles and tomato.  $3.50CameraZOOM-20140524121640624

This Turkish bread is served for free at just about every restaurant.CameraZOOM-20140524174903180

This is like a kebab but they take ground meat add spice and then press it together before grilling it. $9CameraZOOM-20140524180826026

A fresh grilled fish sandwich can be had at Eminou pier for just $3CameraZOOM-20140525135641800

Testi kebab is a traditional Turkish dish.  Basically it’s a chicken casserole cooked in a clay pot. $16CameraZOOM-20140525192721123CameraZOOM-20140525192610159

Mixed grill consisting of beef, chicken, and lamb. $13Europe Food Costs

Yes we found a Shake Shack in Istanbul and we had to have it. $25CameraZOOM-20140526140115707

Kuru fasulye which is basically white beans in a spicy tomato sauce.  Comfort food for locals. $4CameraZOOM-20140526165712356

I had ordered meatballs but turns out meatballs in Turkey tastes like hamburgers. $14CameraZOOM-20140526203509441

McCafe in foreign countries is so much better than at home.  Apple pie and Turkish coffee. $7CameraZOOM-20140527154500208

Chicken kebab. $6CameraZOOM-20140527194235048

Chicken wok.  Sort of like a stir fry. $8CameraZOOM-20140527194254970

Turkish künefe which is a cheese based dessert but tastes more like coconut with syrup. $5CameraZOOM-20140527201945515

Turkish apple tea. $1.50CameraZOOM-20140527202000250

Bagel on the outside, cheese and meat on the inside. $5 (at the airport)CameraZOOM-20140528125807690


In Budapest we had the best Italian food since Italy.  Pizza slices for $1.75 each CameraZOOM-20140530115137099

The pasta was also the best ever.  Fresh ravioli with parmesan cheese and olive oil. $10 20140529_200311

I love trying out international flavours of chips. $3 each CameraZOOM-20140528190058510

Yup international drinks are awesome.  The Fanta is lychee & peach. $3 eachCameraZOOM-20140529181040815

This was the only “bad” meal we had since it was in a heavy tourist area.  Chicken and fries for $15CameraZOOM-20140529142602470

I followed it up with a piece of cake from Ruszwurm Cukrászda, a cafe opened in 1827. $3.50CameraZOOM-20140529162208974

Budapest is famous for their cake, I had it again later that night at the famous Művész Kávéház. $3.50 CameraZOOM-20140529211705604

When in Budapest one must try the goulash. $6CameraZOOM-20140531184500506

Steak, fries and fried onions. $20CameraZOOM-20140530192212191

Duck is very popular in Hungary, not sure why they serve it with so much arugula though. $12CameraZOOM-20140531185810409

This is a traditional favourite called Lángos which is similar to Canadian beaver tails. $6 CameraZOOM-20140531112317994


Whenever I come to Amsterdam, fries from Manneken Pis is my first stop. $6 CameraZOOM-20140601114317712

A simple breakfast panini from the train station. $4.50CameraZOOM-20140602121701201

A traditional fish sandwich. $4.50 CameraZOOM-20140602155459096

Can’t have a meal without fries in Amsterdam right? $4.50CameraZOOM-20140602160017451

Food overall is expensive in The Nertherlands.  This plate of yakisoba noodles was $9 CameraZOOM-20140602200801366

This is a sausage from the famous Dutch store HEMA. $3 CameraZOOM-20140603155726023

Bi Bim Bap and Bugolgi. $22.50 each.  It would be $10 at max in Toronto CameraZOOM-20140604181842038

Croquette is a Dutch favourite and this one had noodles inside of it.  Tasted great! $420140604_121821

These are traditional Dutch “fries” basically potato powder + water and then pressed.  $4 DSC02829


My first meal in Antwerp was fries of course.  These fries actually weren’t that good. $6 CameraZOOM-20140605133335268

When in Belgium have a Belgian waffle. $3 CameraZOOM-20140605160119705

This is a white fish with vegetables at a brewery.  Quite tasty. $30 CameraZOOM-20140605213119451

Of course I tried the local chips. $3 each CameraZOOM-20140607175810771

This schweppes had 4 fruits in it and it was great.  $2CameraZOOM-20140606202136649

Got to have mussels in Brussels right?  In Bruges actually but close enough. $25 CameraZOOM-20140606134942771

Pork loin and gravy, part of a 3 course meal for $22.50 CameraZOOM-20140606134948865

Sugar overload, Belgian waffle with whipped cream, bananas & chocolate sauce. $6 CameraZOOM-20140607161331249

And finally a traditional Belgian meal where everything is deep fried.  $45 including drinks CameraZOOM-20140606202442363


  1. MakintheBacon on June 30, 2014 at 6:05 PM

    Mmmm… your pictures are making me hungry. On the way back from my trip to Greece, I had a stopover in Istanbul, but it was only two hours, so I didn’t get a chance to explore the city. The food pictures from there makes me want to take a separate trip to Turkey. I LOVE mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.

    • Barry Choi on June 30, 2014 at 6:12 PM


      Funny enough I thought about Greece this trip but decided to drop it in favour of Budapest. Food in Turkey was soooo tasty, I plan on coming back one day and seeing more of the country.

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