Eirene Review

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It’s no secret that death is not considered to be a happy subject. Nobody wants to think about dying so the subject is often skipped over. However, when the time comes, it also means that many families are thrown into the world of funeral planning and arrangements. Unfortunately, the industry is notorious for taking advantage of grieving families to increase their profits.

Eirene, however, challenges that mentality by providing simple, affordable, and transparent online cremation services. They are the first business of their kind in Canada and aim to be as compassionate as possible. With this strategy, they may quickly become the go-to option for funeral planning in Canada.

Eirene review

How does Eirene work?

Eirene labels itself as an online cremation service. But, what does that mean?

Essentially, Eirene allows you to purchase an all-in-one cremation service from the comfort of your home. As many of us know from experience, losing a loved one means emotions are running at an all-time high. Feelings of grief, stress, sadness compile and make an already unpleasant experience even more confusing.

With Eirene, there’s no need for that.

When you choose Eirene, you don’t have to call around to funeral homes. You don’t have to concern yourself with any confusing decisions. You don’t need to try to figure out costs. Everything with Eirene is easy, straightforward, and the flat fee is completely transparent. Eirene allows you to grieve in peace while they take care of the rest.

The Eirene package includes everything needed to make sure that your loved one receives top-quality death care at an incredibly competitive price. There are no hidden costs or fees and the package itself is very straightforward.

Eirene’s package includes:

  • Services of a licensed funeral director and care team
  • Transfer of your loved one to secure partner facilities
  • Completion of all required government paperwork and permits
  • A private, dignified cremation
  • Cremated remains delivered to you in person in a simple container

Additionally, Eirene can:

  • Provide unlimited proof of death certificates
  • Help you navigate CPP and OAS paperwork
  • Offer a free estate administration tool to notify credit bureaus, financial institutions, and the government of your loved one’s death

How much does Eirene cost?

No doubt you are wondering at this point how much Eirene’s service costs. After all, we know that the funeral industry is not a cheap one. However, you may be surprised to learn that the Eirene package as described above comes at a flat rate of $2,500, plus taxes. This is about half the price of the industry standard for cremations in Canada. Remember, this is a fixed rate. There are no hidden fees, no surprise costs, and Eirene will not try to upsell.

Due to the fact that Eirene is an online service, they don’t have the overhead costs of typical funeral homes meaning that they can offer high-quality services from their partners but provide clients with reasonable low prices.

For those curious about the cost breakdown, Eirene has a transparent price list available on their website.

What about a funeral or memorial service?

A funeral or memorial service is not included of offered by Eirene. This is something you can choose to plan to do at your own time. Part of why cremations are so popular in Canada is because you have the ability to personalize the service. Some people choose to wait until friends and family can all be together to hold a service while others prefer to have the service as soon as possible.

Additionally, what a family chooses to do with the loved one’s remains will vary as well depending on their wishes and/or the wishes of the deceased. Cremated remains can be buried, spread, or kept. It’s 100% your decision. Eirene takes care of the initial work that needs to be taken care of right away so you can take the time, as needed, to figure out the rest.

Can I choose a different urn?

As mentioned above, your loved ones cremated remains will be returned to you in a simple container. However, if you are someone who plans on keeping their loved one’s cremated remains then you may want a more decorative urn. Eirene has recently opened an urn shop with a large variety of options including marble urns, engraved urns, and more. You can find their online store here.

Where is Eirene available?

At this time Eirene’s online cremation services are only available in Ontario. Their services are offered in the Greater Toronto Area, however, Eirene does plan to expand across Canada in the future.

Final thoughts

Losing a loved one is never easy and the thought of having to go through a demanding process that involves shopping or calling around during a time when you are meant to grieve is incredibly daunting. Eirene takes away this stress and allows families to take care of the essentials online from the comfort of their home. The flat transparent fee is cheaper than the industry standard which will appeal to many people. Eirene’s online cremation service is a compassionate and thoughtful option, especially in an industry that has a reputation of taking advantage of individuals in times of stress and grief.

Eirene Review

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