Travel cards

Scotia Rewards

Scotia Rewards | How to get the most out of your points

Scotia Rewards is one of the most popular credit card rewards programs in Canada. What makes it appealing is that it’s easy to earn points, your points are flexible and Scotiabank has some great credit cards. When compared to other bank travel rewards programs, many people believe Scotia Rewards is the best. The best might…

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The Best Travel Rewards Programs in Canada

When I’m asked about the best travel credit cards in Canada, I tell people about the generous sign up bonuses and benefits you’ll get. What people don’t realize is that it’s the travel rewards program that they’re tied to that often makes them so great. Credit card offers change all the time and what’s a…

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American Express Membership Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards | Everything you need to know

The American Express Membership Rewards program is the best bank travel rewards program in Canada. The program shines since it’s flexible and valuable. What many people don’t realize is that with Amex Membership Rewards, you can earn large amounts of points in a short period of time which never expire as long as you have…

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Why Credit Card Travel Insurance may be Overrated

I love credit cards with travel insurance. They provide you with a tangible benefit that can save you hundreds of dollars year, but here’s the thing, credit card travel insurance may be overrated. To be clear, when I say credit card travel insurance is overrated, I’m referring to travel medical insurance, not travel insurance such…

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american express platinum benefits

American Express Platinum Benefits

The American Express Platinum benefits are the main reason why the Amex Platinum card consistently ranks as one of the best travel credit cards in Canada. Yes, the Amex Platinum comes with a hefty annual fee of $699, but the benefits included are easily worth more than that. If you read my American Express Platinum…

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amex refer a friend

Amex Refer a Friend

The Amex refer a friend program is arguably one of the best features that many American Express cards offer and most people don’t even know about it. It will always benefit the referer which is why so many Amex cards are on the list of the best travel credit cards. However, with some cards, the…

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Amex Platinum vs Business Platinum

**Note that the current American Express Platinum card welcome offer has currently been reduced. The details are below but I’ve left the original information in this comparison as I believe the old offer will be back eventually. The American Express Platinum cards are in my opinion, two of the best travel credit cards in Canada.…

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the credit cards I use

The Credit Cards I Use

Quite often people ask me what credit cards I use. It’s not a weird question since I love talking about credit cards, so it’s only natural that I share what’s in my wallet. I actually wrote this post back in January of 2015, but it’s time for a much-needed update. It’s been 3 years since…

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American Express AIR MILES Platinum card review

American Express Platinum Canada Offer | Earn up to 70,000 Points

A new American Express Platinum Canada offer is now live. The website now shows a welcome bonus of 50,000 Membership Rewards Points when you charge $3,000 in purchases to your Card in the first three months of Cardmembership, plus an additional 10,000 points after six months for a total of 60,000 points. This is 10,000…

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The Best Credit Cards With Mobile Device Insurance

Credit cards with mobile device insurance (sometimes known as credit cards with cell phone insurance) is a relatively new trend that’s come to Canada over the last few years. There used to be only two credit cards that offered it but a few cards have added the insurance to their benefits while a few new…

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