Low interest cards

The Different Types of Credit Cards

With hundreds of different credit cards out there, signing up for a new one may require a lot of research. But instead of focusing on the benefits you get or the earn rate, you should consider the category of credit card that best suits your needs. Once you know what your primary goals are, you…

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MBNA True Line Mastercard review

MBNA True Line Mastercard Review

If you’re currently carrying a balance on your credit card, forget about the best travel credit cards in Canada. Instead, you should apply for a low interest, balance transfer credit card. As the name implies, these credit cards allow you to transfer over an existing balance from your other credit cards. By doing this, you…

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scotiabank value visa review

Scotiabank Value Visa Review

The Scotiabank Value Visa is a low interest, balance transfer credit card that is clearly aimed at people who are looking to reduce their debt or lower the amount they pay in interest. Similar to other cards, there’s a low promotional interest rate for six months before the standard interest rate kicks in. Since this…

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15 Ways for How to Get Out of Debt

According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian household-debt-to-income ratio was an astonishing 176.9 per cent in Q1 of 2020. That means on average, Canadian households owe $1.77 or every dollar they bring in. That’s an increase from 175.6 per cent which was previously reported in Q4 of 2019. Clearly a global pandemic has wrecked our finances.…

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Should You Balance Transfer Your Credit Cards

Should You Balance Transfer Your Credit Cards?

When dealing with debt, one strategy that I always recommend is debt consolidation. There are a few different ways of doing it, but the general idea is, you get a low-interest loan and pay off all your debts. After that, you’ll just be paying a single loan at that lower rate. Alternatively, you could do…

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How to Use Credit Cards to Your Advantage

Your credit card has the potential to be the hardest-working financial tool you have in your wallet. But, you’ll need to make a few key decisions, give it a bit of guidance, and make sure it’s working as hard as inhumanly possible for you. In fact, a good credit card can add hundreds of dollars…

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Payday loans are the worst

Payday Loans are the Worst!

If you didn’t know, payday loans are the worst! The amount of interest you’ll end up paying is insane – think 500%+. Yes, you read that right, you could end up paying FIVE HUNDRED percent interest. That makes your credit card interest look like a steal. With the cost of a loan being so much,…

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get out of debt fast

Get out of Debt Fast With These Methods

Let’s be clear, if you owe thousands of dollars on multiple credit cards, there’s no way to get out of debt fast. If you see a company claiming they can clear your debt or fix your credit score for a small fee, the odds are they’re a scam. If you want to get out of…

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There are many debt repayment options

Debt Repayment Options

The stress of owing money can keep anyone up at night, fortunately, there are different debt repayment options that can help you pay down your debts faster than you might think. A young professional, in theory, should have an easier time paying off student loans, and credit card debt. However, someone who has abused credit…

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