Financial advisors don't require propertraining

Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor

Earlier in the year I wrote about how to find a good financial advisor which focused on fee only and fee-based advisors. Very few of us will start off at that level so I wanted to focus this post around “advisors” at the retail level. The ones that are available at your local bank or…

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Take advantage of free government money with RESPs

Parents Don’t Like Free Government Money

Canadian parents don’t like free government money. 47% of parents have yet to open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) according to a new survey by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. An RESP is easily the best way to save for your child’s education since the money is tax-free, and the government offers a Canadian…

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A good life insurance broker will offer you choices

How To Find A Good Life Insurance Broker

Finding the right life insurance broker is one of the most important steps in purchasing life insurance. It can mean the difference between getting the perfect policy and buying something you’ll regret a few years down the road. For that reason, it’s especially vital to do your due diligence when looking for a life insurance…

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Should You Avoid Your RRSP?

This pretty much goes against all conventional thinking especially at this time of the year, but there are times when investing in your RRSP might not be the best idea. The main reason many of us invest in our RRSPs to begin with is for the tax refund, who doesn’t like getting a cheque after…

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index funds for beginners

Index Funds For Beginners

Often I’m asked by people what they should they invest in and I always have the same answer; Purchasing index funds and following the Canadian couch potato strategy (CCP) which was made famous by Dan B of is the easiest way to grow your wealth with minimal involvement. The couch potato strategy does require some…

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The Value Of Simple Book Review

I hear from people all the time that they want to learn more about personal finances, heck how many of you made it a New Year’s resolution? Of course the standard excuse from them is; it’s too complicated and I don’t know where to begin. Well there’s a new book out that will help you…

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Compound Interest is my BFF

Compound interest is a beautiful thing. Albert Einstein called it “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time” and “the 8th wonder of the world”. I simply call compound interest my best friend forever

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TFSA Questions From New Grads

Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) have been around since 2009 yet many people still don’t quite get how they work. The Canadian Revenue Agency does a good job explaining tax free savings accounts on their website, so I’m going to focus on answering some common TFSA questions that new grads have. When should I open up a…

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Saving for Retirement, Talk About it

Saving for retirement has become increasingly difficult for Canadians but it can be a lot easier as long as we’re willing to talk to our partners about it.  I was shocked to read that only one third of Canadians aged 50 and older have discussed how they plan to fund their retirements according to a survey done by…

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What is The Ontario Pension Plan?

Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals formed a surprise majority last week and one of her big campaign promises was a proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP).   The Liberals are calling this Ontario Pension Plan “Security For All” but is it really? Here’s a FAQ I’ve put together on the Ontario Pension Plan based on the information…

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