A weird thing happened over the weekend, I hit my one year blog anniversary. I started the blog because I wanted to share my experiences with money, fortunately most of those experiences have been positive. One year later, I still enjoy blogging so that’s a positive sign. I’ve also been quoted in the media a few times which has been very cool.

How it all began

On a whim I contacted Preet Banerjee and I shared my story about how my financial advisor wanted me dead on his podcast. I followed that up with some guest posts for Canajun Finances, Boomer and Echo, and My Own Advisor. These guys encouraged me to start blogging, and provided me with a ton of advice to get me started.

Popular posts

Here’s are the 3 most popular posts I had in the last year. I had a blast writing them so I’m glad everyone enjoyed them.

The 5 best currency exchange options for travellers
Is debt normal and sexy?
Crap I can’t afford anymore

People I’ve met

The thing I love most about the personal finance community is how awesome everyone is. In my day job, the competition is seen as the enemy and everyone is always trying to one up each other. But in the personal finance world, everyone is friendly and encouraging; definitely the contrast to what I’m used to.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some great people including: Squawkfox, Blonde on a Budget, Melissa Leong, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Bruce Sellery, Kelley Keehn, Jason Heath, Wealthing Like RabbitsKrystal Yee, Promod Sharma, Mo Money Mo Houses and Young and Thrifty I’m sure I’ve met more but there’s just too many to name.

One year blog anniversary celebration

Blogs I read on a regular basis

I follow all the above mentioned people but I also enjoy reading: Rob Carrick, Roma Luciw, Our Big Fat Wallet, Budgets Are Sexy, Canadian Couch Potato, TuGo Travel Insurance, AAFS Insurance, LSM Insurance, Tawcan, Urban DeparturesMaking Sense of Cents, Jim Byers, The Travel HackThe Wallet Diet and much more. Honestly there’s so much good material out there it’s impossible to read everything.

Travel plans

As many of you have noticed, I write a lot about budget travel; it’s what I love to do. My wife and I have no set plans this year but we’ve currently looking at Iceland/Spain or Hong Kong/Japan. A long weekend trip to Chicago is in the works too. We’re pretty open so if the right travel opportunity came up, we’d be on a plane right away.

Goals for the year 2

Learn how to use Lightroom – I’ve always enjoyed photography so this year I want to focus a little more on it. Well mainly I want to learn how to process my photos better. It would be nice to pick up a new camera body but that’s a bit out of the budget right now

Write more – I remained consistent in my first year by writing 2 posts a week. I’d like to increase my writing schedule but it can be incredibly time consuming. It would be great to pick up some more freelance work too so if you’re hiring, send me an email!

Read more – I already mentioned how it’s impossible to read everything but it would be great if I could read even more posts from other bloggers.

Best advice

If you’ve been following me for a while and you’re thinking about starting your own blog, here’s my advice to you. Just do it!

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Image courtesy: BfickAkhil Mekkatt / Flickr