**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sonnet Insurance. All opinions are my own.

As a new parent, time management has become a serious issue for me. As soon as Scarlett was born, I was juggling way too many things. I was trying to figure out the whole fatherhood thing, I had my day job, and I continued to freelance. At times, I felt like I had 4-5 full-time jobs. This pace was unsustainable, yet I continued to push things hard. I was starting to burn out, and I had to do something about it.

After some reflection, I realized I needed to approach things differently. Scarlett requires a lot of attention, so I had to maximize anytime I have left. I would literally ask myself what’s the best thing you can do in 5 minutes?

As it turns out, there’s plenty of stuff I could do. By setting aside 5 minutes at a time for things that are important to me, I’ve not only felt more relaxed, but I’ve also saved money. Here’s how!

5-minutes spent on family

One of the biggest changes I’ve had to make as of late is dedicating more time to my family. With so many things going on in my life, I found that I wasn’t paying enough attention to Scarlett and my wife. I realized that spending 5 minutes of quality time (or more) was way more valuable than spending say hours only half paying attention. Everyone knows that family is important, but it was up to me to make sure I showed them how much I care.

5-minutes spent on me

Before I started blogging, playing video games was my one escape. Whenever I picked up a controller, I would be in a new world that required my full attention. However, once I started blogging, that all stopped. I felt like if I had a free moment, I should be writing a blog post or doing some freelance work.  This lasted for more than three years until I recently realized that I wasn’t dedicating any time to me. I decided that I should get back into gaming and immediately bought a Nintendo Switch. I now give myself at least 5 minutes a day to game, and I already feel much more relaxed.

5-minutes spent on my finances

Now that my wife and I are on a single income, we’ve been looking at ways to cut back on our expenses. We’ve been pretty good at keeping our costs low, but one thing we haven’t had much control over is how much we pay for our home and auto insurance. That’s until I discovered Sonnet Insurance.

Sonnet is an online home and auto insurance provider that makes it ridiculously easy to get a quote. All I had to do is enter my personal and car information to get three quote levels. From there, I was able to customize my insurance needs while getting live price updates. Since my info, including my license number, is provided upfront, the quote provided was what I would end up paying. I ended up getting a quote which provided me with more coverage at a lower monthly rate. That’s a pretty good deal considering the whole process took me just 5 minutes.

5-minutes spent on catching up with friends

To celebrate Scarlett’s arrival, my wife and I held a party at our condo. We invited our closest friends and family, some whom I haven’t seen in years. It’s great to be reminded that there are so many awesome people in my life. I know that these people are true friends (otherwise they wouldn’t have come), but I still want to make an extra effort to make sure these people know how much they mean to me even if it’s just a 5-minute catch up via text message.

5-minutes spent on work

I’m not giving up on my day job or the side hustles, but with all the recent life changes, work feels less important to me at times. I’m trying to avoid getting burnt out, so instead of responding to every e-mail right away or spending every free minute writing, I’m prioritizing my time. To keep me on track, I spend 5 minutes every day listing out what work needs to be done. By having this list, I’m always focused on the tasks at hand.

Final thoughts

So what’s the best thing you can do in 5 minutes? It turns out there are a lot of things. Dedicating time to yourself and those important to you should always come first, but don’t forget to take a few minutes to take a look at practical things such as your finances. Spending 5 quality minutes can make a huge difference in your life.

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