Barry Choi

Toronto Travel Expert: Barry Choi

Barry Choi is Toronto Travel expert who makes frequent media appearances. His blog Money We Have is one of Canada’s most trusted sources when it comes to all things travel.

During his travels, Barry has slept under the stars in Wadi Rum, Jordan and ate his way across Japan. Not all his adventures have been glamorous having slept in one too many airports and surviving a threat from Kim Jong-un.

If you’re a media outlet looking for a travel expert in Toronto, Barry is available for radio, print, tv, and online interviews. He can speak about all things travel but some popular topics include:

  • Current travel trends
  • Popular destinations
  • Passenger rights and safety
  • Budget travel
  • Airline rewards

Barry is a trained journalist who knows what you’re looking for. Contact him now via e-mail or Twitter if you have an upcoming deadline.

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