Over the years, my style of travelling has varied. During my early travel days, I didn’t care what amenities were available at my accommodations as long as where I was staying was cheap. That meant I stayed at hostels (which had a few surprisingly good amenities) or at budget hotels where I would only be there to sleep.

Since then my tastes have changed and I started looking for more comforts when I travel. As a full-time freelancer, having WiFi is a must and when I travel with my daughter, having laundry access is pretty important too. But what are the most desirable amenities for Canadian travellers? Airbnb Plus – a division of Airbnb just released some survey results and you may be surprised at what Canadian travellers are looking for.

The Most Desirable Amenities for Canadian travellers

The Most Desirable Amenities for Canadian travellers

  • 98% of Canadians say amenities impact their travel
  • Accommodations have the highest impact on vacation quality (55%) while amenities come in second (41%)
  • Air conditioning/heat and WiFi are the most important indoor amenities
  • 69% of Canadians ranked uncomfortable beds/towels are the most likely features to bother them, while poor heating and air conditioning is a close second (55%)
  • 65% of Canadian travellers agree that comfort is the most important when booking accommodations
  • 55% of Canadian travellers agree that high-quality linens and towels are thoughtful touches, with luxury bathroom products (49%) as a close second
  • 51% of respondents consider how their accommodations will look on social media when booking at least somewhat

Admittedly, I can relate to a lot of the findings in this survey. The first time I visited Barcelona, I stayed in a hostel where I practically sank into the mattress. When I went to Barcelona earlier this year, I had a much better experience since I stayed at the Iberostar Paseo de Gracia.

Having proper air conditioning is also a deal breaker for me these days. If you’ve ever visited any country where it gets HOT, not having air conditioning can practically ruin your vacation.

When I first started using Airbnb, high-quality linens weren’t really a thing, but now I’m seeing more comfortable linens being advertised in listings. I imagine that many Airbnb hosts are competing with each other so they need to up the comfort amenities to catch the attention of potential guests.

As much as I love amenities, in the end, price and location matter to me the most. I always prefer accommodations that make it easy for me to explore the city I’m visiting. I don’t need to be within walking distance of things. As long as I’m near public transportation, I’ll be happy.

What are your priorities when picking your accommodations?

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