management expense ratio

One of the most commonly talked about topics in the personal finance world is fees. Most people realize that you’re going to pay a fee since you’re getting a service, but you may be shocked to find out how much you’re paying in fees. Eliminating small daily fees are great for improving our cash flow,…

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robo advisors in canada

Taking control of my finances and becoming a do-it-yourself investor was one of my greatest accomplishments. I always tell people that it’s pretty easy to become a DIY investor, all you need to do is get over your initial fears and do a little bit of research. Setting yourself up as an index investor is not…

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How To Find A Good Financial Advisor

Whether you’re making your first contribution or you’re a veteran investor, one question that commonly gets asked is: how do you find a good a financial advisor? If you have any financial knowledge then you should probably manage your money on your own. That being said, it’s definitely worth seeking out an advisor or planner if…

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serious about money

About 7 years ago I was on top of the world. I was doing well in my career, and I had recently gotten engaged to my girlfriend. Paying for the wedding wasn’t a huge concern since I had been saving for a long time, plus I had been making steady RRSP contributions so I figured I…

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bad financial advisors

When you’re first starting off, investing with a financial advisor at the retail level is perfectly fine, but you need to understand their limitations. Generally speaking, they’ll only be able to recommend you funds that their employer sells, which is okay if it fits into your overall investment plan. The key thing is, you’ve decided to…

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Financial advisors don't require propertraining

Earlier in the year I wrote about how to find a good financial advisor which focused on fee only and fee-based advisors. Very few of us will start off at that level so I wanted to focus this post around “advisors” at the retail level. The ones that are available at your local bank or…

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