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Work with me

I’m a personal finance and travel expert based in Toronto. I provide commentary for print, radio, online, television, and have been quoted by various media organizations in Canada and the US.

I partner with tourism boards, travel brands, hospitality companies, financial institutions, and PR agencies who are looking for influencers to help spread their brand awareness.

For more information check out my media kit and portfolio. You can also contact me directly by e-mail, or follow me on Twitter: @barrychoi

Disclaimer: I only work with brands that I support 100%. Any relationship I have with brands will not affect the way I write or the opinions I give.

I write original and personal stories for blogs, newspapers, online publications, magazines, brochures, and promotional materials. As a personal finance and travel expert, I’m able to write about a variety of topics for your company blog or website.

I freelance for a variety of finance and travel companies, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re just looking to share information with me.

For samples of my work, see my portfolio page.

I work with brands to get their messaging across in an authentic way that audiences can relate to. From sponsored posts to live media appearances, I’m available to represent your company.

I’ve partnered with major finance and travel brands on a variety of projects in the past. If you’re looking to work with someone like me, send me an email.

Looking for more info? Check out my media kit now.

I provide insight on how to successfully work with influencers. As an established voice in the Canadian personal finance and communities, I can advise you on who the best people to work with are and how much to budget for a successful campaign.

I also work with U.S. based companies who currently don’t have a Canadian presence but would like someone local to make media appearances on their behalf. It’s true, you could simply give a quote over the phone or Skype, but having someone live representing your brand is a good way to establish your credibility in the Canada.