Talk to any person with knowledge about Canadian credit cards and they’ll tell you that the Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite card is the best cash back credit cards in Canada. What makes this card so popular is the fact that the rewards are simple, easy to earn, and even easier to redeem which makes it an appealing card for families and big spenders.

Once the promotional period ends, you’ll earn a cash back rate of 4% on groceries & recurring bill payments, 2% on gas and transit, and 1% on all other purchases Plus, with the additional benefits offered e.g. travel insurance, this is actually a good “travel” rewards card too. Read my Scotia Momentum VISA infinite review now to find out why it’s one of the best Scotiabank credit cards in Canada.

Scotiabank momentum visa review

Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite benefits

  • $120 annual fee – first year free
  • 4% cash back on groceries and recurring bill payments
  • 2% cash back on gas and transit purchases
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • Comprehensive travel insurance
  • Mobile device insurance
  • Purchase protection and extended warranty

The cash back rate of 4% on groceries and recurring bill payments is what will appeal to most people. This is not a promotional rate, but there is a cap at $25,000 – once you reach that amount, your reward rate drops down to 1%. In case you’re wondering, this card used to offer 4% cash back on gas, but that changed recently to 2%

Gas and transit purchases will earn you 2% and also has a cap of $25,000 for each category. 

Any additional purchases will earn you 1% cash back with no caps on spending. The cash back you earn is paid out once a year during your November statement. Overall it’s not hard to see why even with a yearly fee that the Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite (referral link) is a popular card.

Mobile device and trip cancellation insurance have also recently added to this card which is clearly an attempt to compete with the Meridian Visa Infinite Cash Back card which has had both benefits for quite some time.

Scotia Momentum VISA travel insurance benefits

  • Travel medical – $1,000,00 coverage up to 15 days
  • Trip interruption – $2,000 per insured person (max $10,000 per trip)
  • Trip cancellation – $1,500 per insured person (max $10,000 per trip)
  • Flight delay – $500 per trip for eligible expenses for all insured travellers after a delay of 4 hours
  • Delayed and lost baggage – $500 per trip for eligible expenses for all insured travellers after a delay of 4 hours
  • Travel accident – $500,000 covering common carriers including airplanes, cruise ships, trains or buses
  • Concierge service – Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Rental car collision / loss damage insurance – The entire car rental cost must be charged to your Scotia Momentum VISA

Final word

It should be pretty obvious that my Scotia Momentum VISA review is positive. It’s one of the best no-fee cash back card available and I’d argue it’s an excellent choice as a “travel rewards” card. Although the cash back is easy to redeem, it’s only paid out once a year in November as a statement credit or deposited directly into your personal chequing or savings account if you bank with Scotia.

Apply Now for the Scotiabank Momentum VISA Infinite card


Minimum application requirements

  • You’re a Canadian citizen or are a permanent resident
  • You have a minimum annual personal gross income of $60,000
  • You haven’t declared bankruptcy in the past 7 years
  • You’re at least the age of majority in your province or territory
  • Your home address matches your credit report home address