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Along with a rush of excitement for impending adventure, travel brings with it a necessary need to sit back, relax, and have a beer. Imagine how a day filled with jaw-dropping architecture, awe-inducing art exhibits, and mouth-watering local cuisine can be perfectly capped off with a simple pint. To that end, the beer-loving team at Busabout, the flexible travel experts, shared with me the average cost of beers from cities around the globe that simply need to be visited. This pint of beer index is based on prices found in a pub. In many of the cities I’ve featured, beer can be purchased in grocery stores for less.

With the cost of adult beverages in mind, you can plan your meal expenses accordingly. But don’t worry, I know you’re not travelling just for booze. I’ve highlighted a few things you should check out when you’re not raising a glass.

Marrakech, Morrocco

Average Beer Price – $14.99

While many people know that the majority of Morocco’s population is Muslim, most travellers won’t realize how that might make grabbing a drink along the ancient streets of Marrakech a little harder than other destinations. Alcohol is available in hotel bars, but can be enjoyed in select bars around the city for a pretty penny. With the costs so high, you might be better off having a cup of tea which is the preferred beverage of locals.

Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World Morrocco

Paris, France

Average Beer Price – $9.25

The prices for most things in Paris can seem a little steep, but once you gauge it against where you are (only a global centre for art, food, and culture!) everything definitely adds up. Enjoying a beverage alongside world-famous cuisine while taking in the Eiffel Tower is an experience that will never be duplicated. A great way to save a little money (and keep a clear head for the next morning) is ordering “un demi” or half-pint of beer. Most Paris bars will oblige and it cuts the cost in half, too. Now if you’re looking to save on attractions, purchase the Paris Museum Pass which gives you access to 0ver 60 attractions for a single price.

Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World Paris

Dublin, Ireland

Average Beer Price – $7.86

Can you imagine visiting the motherland of pints and not grabbing one? You’d be judged even for the thought. Keep those prying eyes at bay by stopping into any one of the multitudes of pubs along Temple Bar, an area that serves as a culture, artistic, and entertainment hub. Just in case you’re stuck on what to order, any bartender worth his salt will be able to point you in the right direction. Dublin might be the one city on our list where beer truly is the #1 attraction.

Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World Dublin

Miami, USA

Average Beer Price – $11.23

It’s no secret that Miami is an expensive city to eat, drink, shop, and party in. The upside is that everything is worth it. From the colourful art deco hotels to the dancing girls from El Tucan, every experience in Miami is worth having, especially with a drink in hand. And the best part is that no matter if you’re on the white-sanded beach or in a pulsating underground club, those drinks are kept flowing. For shopping and dining, check out the new Brickell City Centre or head to the Wynwood Walls for a free outdoor art show.

Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World Miami

Munich, Germany

Average Beer Price – $6.65

The home of the infamous Oktoberfest needs no introduction, only an explanation of what you’re getting yourself into. A trip into the city necessitates a full day of taking in gothic architecture then settling into an evening of people watching, beer in hand. If you decide to brave the city during its annual celebration (this year is the 184th Oktoberfest), prices jump to $15+ for a litre of beer. Munich is relatively small, so you can see most of the city in two days, so take a day trip out to Neuschwanstein Castle which supposedly inspired Walt Disney to create Cinderella’s castle.

Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World Munich

Madrid, Spain

Average Beer Price – $5.36

As close as Spain and Portugal are, so too are their beer prices. But the sights? Those are all their own. It’s easy to see why Spain is the third most visited country in the world; in addition to Madrid being home to more than 100 museums and the Royal Palace, its cuisine is unmatched. Plaza Mayor, a gourmet tapas market, is the spot to hit no matter what you’re in the mood to treat yourself to, just make sure that when you order cerveza, you get Mahou, the capital’s favourite pilsner for those 37°C+ days.

Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World Madrid

Lisbon, Portugal

Average Beer Price – $5.32

No longer the forgotten sibling of Spain and France, Portugal is enjoying its moment in the sun-drenched spotlight. Explorers can wander the quaint cobblestone roads and pop into a number of bars like Dumas or Maria Caxuxa where beer is just as readily available as is the country’s famous port wine. If it’s specifically Portuguese craft beer you’re after, head to Cerveteca Lisboa where the 12 taps are changed daily. Just 45-minutes from Lisbon is the town of Sintra which was once a sanctuary for royalty. These days, tourist flock here for the architecture and views.

Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World Lisbon

Krakow, Poland

Average Beer Price – $3.38

Despite being consistently rated as one of the cheapest places to buy beer, Krakow has a lot more to its name than just that. Well-known for its well-preserved medieval core, there couldn’t be a more perfect place to enjoy the city’s relatively new craft beer revolution. Enjoy the quiet, historic pubs while you can; Krakow hasn’t become overpopulated with tourists…yet.

Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Average Beer Price – $3.23

A trip through Vietnam isn’t complete without a stop into one of their infamous ‘beer hoi’ bars. They’re not the strongest beers you’ll ever taste, but the experience is what you’re there for. Usually located in areas populated by backpackers, a visit to a beer hoi is essentially a chance to socialize with fellow travellers and learn about the must-see stops in the city. One thing to note is that Vietnam is one of the best foodie countries in the world. Have a bowl of pho on the side of the road or Bánh xèo, a savoury crispy pancake.

Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Average Beer Price – $3.12

Well-known for its cheap meals, Bangkok prefers to show off its opulence through ornate shrines, temples, and palaces. But that doesn’t mean meals are a write-off, quite the opposite in fact. From the famed street food to their ubiquitous beer gardens, every street offers something to delight a traveller’s senses. Keep an eye out for places like Golden Coins Taproom where local Thai craft beers are sold. Khao San Road may be tempting, but it’s really just a giant tourist trap. It’s much better to head anywhere else since food and accommodations are cheap throughout the city.

Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World Beer
Where to Enjoy A Pint Around the World According to Price

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