If you didn’t know Aeroplan launched a new Buy/Gift Aeroplan Miles feature a few weeks ago. This allows Aeroplan members to reach their travel goals sooner or to gift miles to whomever they wanted. Even though you need to pay for Aeroplan Miles, it was a unique feature that could help many travellers.

Interestingly enough, the buy/gift feature was quietly introduced, but come May 7th, a formal press release is going out to officially launch the program. In addition, there’s a special promotion where you can get even more value out of any purchased Aeroplan Miles.

From May 7 at 10am ET until May 13 at 11:59 pm ET, Aeroplan members will be able to receive bonus Aeroplan Miles on any miles purchased.

  • For the first 10 million Aeroplan Miles sold, members get a 115% bonus; equivalent to $0.014 CAD/mile + sales tax OR $0.01 USD/mile;
  • The next 100 million miles sold, members get a bonus of 90%; equivalent to $0.016 CAD/mile + sales tax + $0.011 USD/mile
  • All miles sold after this will get a bonus of 65%; equivalent to $0.018 CAD/mile + sales tax OR + $0.013 USD/mile
  • Buy Miles transactions made with US-based cards with a US billing address are not subject to sales tax

The formal details of the promotion will available at https://www.aeroplan.com/buy-gift-miles.do#/ on May 7th at 10 am. As part of this offer, Aeroplan, together with its partner Points, will match a portion of the Aeroplan Miles purchased and donate them towards earn Aeroplan Altitude Prestige 25K without flying offer Foundation (CAMH).

I personally think buying miles is only worth it in specific circumstances, but there’s no denying that paying $0.014 CAD per Aeroplan Miles is more than fair value. 

What I also like about this promotion is how it continues Aeroplan’s trend of offering its members some incredible value during this tough time. I personally took advantage of the earn Aeroplan Altitude Prestige 25K without flying offer as soon as it was announced. If you were thinking about taking part in that promo, know that 50 per cent of the total miles purchased through the Buy Miles promotion will count towards the Altitude Prestige 25K promotion.

Although changes to the Aeroplan are coming, the new program isn’t expected to launch until Q4, 2020. It’s impossible to say what the value of your points will be at that time, but I’m sure there will still be plenty of ways to redeem your Aeroplan miles that will benefit you.

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