**Editor’s note: Since I originally wrote this, I’ve already spent an additional $1,000 on randrom crap. I’ll try to update this page later.

Many people know that babies are expensive. But nothing really prepares you for all that extra money you need to spend. My wife and I had already spent a small fortune since we had to go through IVF, so we weren’t looking forward to these additional costs.

To prepare for all these expenses, most people recommend having a baby shower. There’s nothing like getting a ton of free stuff from your friends right? Sure, that may work for some people, but my wife really had no interest in that. Instead, we decided to buy everything on our own. We’ve spent roughly $3,000 which sounds like a lot (it is), but here’s how the numbers break down.

Getting the baby room ready

Some people go crazy with their nursery and spend an insane amount of money, but we kept it reasonable and spent a total of $1039. Here’s what we spent on the room so far.

  • $339 – Crib and bedsheets
  • $150 – Baby box
  • $20 – Lamp
  • $100 – Wall art
  • $115 – Change table
  • $65 – Change pad and and covers
  • $200 – Baby monitor
  • $50 – Crib mobile

I know I said we kept things reasonable, but spending $1,000+ is still a fair amount. We were able to save a bit of money by buying a few things from HomeSense. We “hacked” our changing table by purchasing an IKEA shelf and adding legs to it so it also doubles as storage space for toys when our kid gets older.

We didn’t bother painting the room since we had already painted the year before. We kept the wall art simple and just purchased a few prints from Etsy and picture frames from IKEA. Some parents get obsessed with their nursery but we were pretty happy keeping things simple.

Mobile expenses for the baby

You don’t need many things to make your baby mobile, but these items tend to be the highest ticket items which can bring up costs fast. I’ve spent a total of $1,110 on the following:

  • $730 – Stroller
  • $35 – Cup holder
  • $240 – Car seat
  • $65 – Snug seat insert
  • $40 – Baby bag

Spending that much on a stroller pained me. I couldn’t believe how expensive those things are. That being said, my wife felt that the Uppababy brand was well worth the money. After speaking to other parents, they agreed. There are cheaper options available so you just need to see what’s out there and decide what works for you. Car seats don’t vary much in price, what you need to do is look for one that’s ideal for the type of car you have. Eventually when my child gets bigger, I’ll have to buy a new car seat. I didn’t list a baby sling since we were gifted one and I still need to buy a car mirror that will cost another $45.

On a positive note, it shouldn’t be too hard to sell my stroller and car seat used in the future. There’s a huge market for these items and I should be able to recoup 50% – 65% of my original cost when I’m ready to sell. Note that car seats have an expirary date so make sure you know yours if you plan on selling your car seat used.

Baby related expenses

Here’s where things get a bit complicated. Some of the following expenses are one time things, but you’ll see that many others will eventually be replaced. All of these small expenses have added up to $530 so far.

  • $80 – Breast pump related items
  • $45 – Nursing bra
  • $29 – Formula bottle
  • $29 – Bottle drying rack and cleaner
  • $35 – Baby tub
  • $20 – Pacifiers
  • $5 – Nail clippers
  • $22 – Nose Frida
  • $16 – Thermometer
  • $20 – Toiletries
  • $129 – Cloth diapers
  • $100 – Clothes

If $100 seems low for clothes, that’s because it is. At the time of this writing, we purposely didn’t purchase much as we suspect we’ll get some clothing as gifts or used clothing from other parents. Despite the fact that we bought cloth diapers, we’ll still need to buy regular diapers as a supplement.

After looking at these small expenses, I’m wondering if we made a mistake by not having a baby shower? I kid! We were always prepared for these expenses. That being said, we’re grateful that we were gifted some stuff.

Final word

No one ever said having children is cheap. I’m on the hook for all their expenses for the next 20 years or so. I could do a running tally (assuming this blog lasts that long), but the costs may terrify me. I’m joking! My wife and I are thrilled to be having a baby We’ll let you know when the little one arrives.