Lynx Air Toronto to Orlando Review

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Lynx Air has ceased operations as of February 25, 2024. This route is (or any flight on Lynx Air) is no longer available.

Although I typically fly business class, I was excited to learn that Lynx Air started flying to Orlando from Toronto. Orlando is a destination that I visit annually, and I had yet to fly a Canadian discount carrier, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to try a new product. Full disclosure, I partnered with Lynx Air on this trip. They covered ticket costs, seat selection, and carry-on baggage for my entire party. They had no say in this Lynx Air Toronto to Orlando review.

For reference, I flew out on a Thursday morning. It was scheduled to depart at 7:40 AM with an arrival time of 10:51 AM (on some other days, the flight departs later). What I like about this flight is that you’re only in the air for just over two hours. The rest of the time, it’s just headed to/from the gate. Read my Lynx Air Toronto to Orlando review now for the full details.

Lynx Air departs from Terminal 1 in Toronto. This is interesting since all the other discount carriers depart from T3. The Lynx Air check-in counter is located at post 13, which is just beside the priority and Nexus security entrances to the U.S. I arrived at about 5:40 AM and there were two agents working with just a handful of people in line to check their bags. I opted for carry-on, so I didn’t have to get in line.

At the gate, you’ll quickly notice this giant red sign. To keep costs down, Lynx Air does not provide power outlets or meal service. The only thing you’ll get onboard is water. There’s no snack, and you can’t even buy a meal or alcohol. Since my trip was so short, I wasn’t too worried about the lack of meals.

In case you’re wondering, my ticket, including seat selection and a carry-on bag, came out to just over $700. For a discount carrier, that may seem high, but note that I only booked eight days out, and the flight was nearly full. Of course, I checked Air Canada for the same dates and they were charging $1,350 for the return trip, so Lynx Air was still significantly cheaper. I did check some other random dates and Lynx Air was anywhere from 10% to 30% cheaper than the major carriers.

The above shot was taken in Orlando since the lighting was better. Lynx Air uses brand-new Boeing 737s. One thing that’s worth noting is that you must have your passport verified in person before boarding. This can be done pre or post-security. At the same time, a staff member will print you out a paper boarding pass which must be used. You can’t use the downloaded boarding pass you received if you checked in online.

Lynx Air Toronto to Orlando review seats

Lynx Air has 189 seats on each of its planes. There’s no business or premium economy class. The cushions on the seats may appear thin, but the comfort was fine. It was no different from any other airline economy class.

Although there are no premium cabins, the exit row and LYNX plus seats offer a bit more legroom. You can purchase this in advance for $40 – $57.50. The amount you’ll pay depends on the distance flown.

My part was sitting in seats 6D, E, and F. This was a Lynx Plus seat, so there was noticeably more legroom.

One thing you may have noticed in my Lynx Air Toronto to Orlando review photos is that the seats lack a covering for the headrest cover. Quite often, airlines will just swap out this thin piece of fabric between flights, by Lynx Air doesn’t have one at all. In other words, you may want to wipe it down before sitting.

One advantage of Lynx Air is that they have a lot of overhead space for luggage. When I fly other airlines, you’re fighting for overhead space, which is limited. With Lynx Air, there’s noticeably more space. That said, since carry-on luggage can cost up to $103.49 for each segment, I suspect more people were travelling with just a personal item. Families likely combined their clothes into a single checked bag to minimize their costs.

Here’s a look at the back of the seat. There’s nothing except the safety card. You’ll obviously want to make sure you’ve got things to keep yourself entertained before you get onto the flight.

Here’s a look at the seat with the tray down. The good news is that this tray comfortably fit my 15-inch laptop, so I was able to do work and watch movies without much effort.

While flimsy, the pocket behind the seats holds quite a bit of stuff. On other airlines, this pocket can be tight, so there are only so many things you can fit into it.

Here’s another perspective with our drinks and snacks. In case you’re wondering, that fruit cup came from the airport lounge. For a three-hour flight, we didn’t need much, so these snacks got us through the entire flight. I do think the extra legroom was worth the price (it was about $45 for my flight), as it made the flight significantly more comfortable.

There are three washrooms on the plane. Two at the back and one at the front. As you can imagine, the washroom is as basic as it comes. There are just some paper towels and generic soap. Don’t expect any lotion. I don’t even think I saw any tissue. The size of the washroom is no different from any other economy-class flight I’ve been on.

Overall, my Lynx Air Toronto to Orlando Review is positive. Although the flight was pretty basic, the comfort and service were fine. Lynx Air is one of the cheapest airlines in Canada, so if your budget is the top priority, then there’s nothing wrong with flying Lynx.

Another advantage of flying Lynx Air is that it flies to Orlando’s new Terminal C, whereas all the other Canadian airlines fly to Terminal B. Since it’s a new terminal, it has better amenities, which makes the journey home so much better. If you have access to Plaza Premium lounges, be sure to check it out, as it’s fantastic.

Another thing I want to point out is that Lynx Air does not allow you to put in your NEXUS information. As a result, you can’t use the TSA PreCheck line. That said, since terminal C is new, it has a lot of staff. It took me less than five minutes to get through security in the regular line.

Lynx Air Toronto to Orlando Pros and cons

The above Lynx Air Toronto to Orlando review was based on my personal experience. Since every flight is different, it’s worth considering both the pros and cons before deciding if you should book with them.

Lynx Air Toronto to Orlando Pros

  • Can be cheaper – Even when adding the extra, Lynx Air can be 10% to 30% cheaper than other airlines.
  • New planes – Lynx Air operates brand-new Boeing planes.
  • Quick boarding times – Since you need to pay for carry-on luggage, many people avoid it. That makes the boarding process quicker.
  • Consistent service – Everyone is in the same cabin class, so everyone is treated the same.
  • Flies to Terminal C – Orlando’s terminal C is a great modern airport. It’s much better than terminal B.
  • Great cancellation policy – As long as you cancel more than 72 hours before your flight, it’ll only cost you $34.50 + taxes per segment to get a refund.

Lynx Air Toronto to Orlando Cons

  • No meals for purchase – While understandable, the lack of available meals – even for purchase – is disappointing.
  • No premium cabins – You can get extra legroom, but there are no premium or business seats available.
  • Extras can add up – While the extras are optional, they can add up fast. You could easily spend another $100+ for seat selection and a carry-on bag.
  • Limited fleet – Lynx Air has a small fleet, so they only offer one flight to Orlando from Toronto and it’s not daily.
  • No loyalty program – I don’t expect a discount carrier to have a loyalty program, but it’s worth pointing out. Many frequent flyers want perks that come with their earned status so they may choose another airline just to get them.

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  1. Wendy Yuen on March 28, 2023 at 12:48 PM

    Thanks for the review… I missed the Oct session on how to get upgrade in business class etc that cost $500 ? When is the next session? Also what credit card now will get you most reward to travel with? Ie collecting points faster? Thanks

    • Barry Choi on March 28, 2023 at 1:41 PM

      Hey Wendy,

      I don’t do sessions. Maybe you’re mixing me up with Prince of Travel?

      Which card earns you the most points will depend on your personal situation. That said, the American Express Cobalt and Platinum Cards are good.

  2. Steve on April 3, 2023 at 8:49 PM

    Very thorough review, Barry. Thanks!

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