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We all know as we get older, our priorities change, but it’s still funny to see it happen. When I was younger, my definition of living large would be going out with friends to eat and picking up the bill. Okay, I’m sure other people have a different definition of living large, but treating your friends is a big deal in your mid 20s.

Once I started to hit my late 20s, it all changed. All of a sudden I thought saving 4-digits a month was considered living large. Going from a spender to a saver is no easy task, but the right credit card, can help.

The PC Financial World Elite MasterCard is always in my wallet because it complements the way I spend and how I like to claim rewards. Here are five money hacks I use to get the most out of my card.

Living Large With Credit Card Money Hacks

Money hack #1 – Earning reward points

The key with any rewards credit card is picking one with a rewards program that benefits you the most. With the PC Financial World Elite MasterCard, I’m able to earn PC points which I can use to redeem towards free groceries at participating grocery stores where President’s Choice products are sold. Once I earn 20,000 PC points, I can redeem for $20 worth of rewards.

This works for me because I do the majority of my shopping at No Frills and Real Canadian Superstore. Trust me, nothing excites me more than getting free groceries. Okay, groceries on sale get me pretty excited (seriously).

Money Hack # 2 – Multipliers

What’s better than earning rewards? Earning rewards at a much faster rate! At participating Loblaws Inc. banner stores such as No Frills, Loblaws, Real Canadian SuperStore, and at Shoppers Drug Mart, and Pharmaprix, you earn 30 PC points per $1 spent. That’s 3X the regular points! Insider secret: with the PC Plus program, make sure you sign-up for the emails to get your personalized offers.

Money Hack # 3 – Travel emergency medical and car rental collision/loss damage waiver insurance

Travel emergency medical insurance typically would cost you up to a few hundred dollars, but with the PC Financial World Elite MasterCard, you get the first 10 consecutive days of your trip covered. The policy covers up to $1,000,000 for each insured person under the age of 65. Trust me, never travel without insurance, it’s just not worth it.

When booking a rental car with your PC Financial World Elite MasterCard, car rental collision and loss damage waiver insurance is included so you can decline any additional coverage. Like any insurance policy, make sure you read the fine print, so you know what exactly you’re covered for.

Money Hack # 4 –  Purchase assurance & extended warranty

Purchase assurance and extended warranty are benefits often overlooked but are incredibly handy if you ever need to make a claim. When making your purchase in full with your card, your items purchased automatically get double the manufacturer’s regular warranty for up to an additional year. Purchase assurance covers you for the first 90 days from theft, loss, or damage when you pay in full with your PC Financial World Elite MasterCard (you’ll want to check your Certificate of Insurance as some conditions apply).

Money Hack # 5 – No annual fee

I hate paying fees, so one of the things that excite me the most about the PC Financial World Elite MasterCard is that it has no annual fee. Considering how many benefits are included, that’s pretty impressive.

Since this is a premium card, there is an annual income requirement. Once approved, you can request up to 4 additional cards for family at no extra cost so you can earn PC points even faster!

Final thoughts

Living large with credit card money hacks comes down to knowing your benefits and rewards. Pick the right card and you could easily be rewarded Remember, rewards are never worth it if you’re carrying a balance, so always pay your bills on time and in full every month.


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