Just last year, I was dealing with a ton of physical health issues. To be honest with you, it’s hard to explain all my bodily functions without likely forcing you to click exit or try to read while simultaneously covering your eyes.

So, I’ll try to simplify my health into a basic explanation.

In 2016, I found out that I was allergic to a grocery list (literally) of items that were causing me to feel ill twenty-four hours of the day, seven days a week.

The allergies included brewer’s yeast (which means wine and beer, she says with a mopey voice), dairy, mushrooms, vinegar, chocolate, coffee, and a few of my other favorite treats. It was devastating.

However, I was thrilled to be finally aware of what was causing me so much pain for the past two years. At this point, I was truly willing to try anything.

For the next three months, my husband and I donated or tossed away everything in our kitchen that was on that list, significantly changed our diets, and tried to move on from this annoying discovery.

Yup – that’s it. I’ll end the blog post here because I became magically healed and all was well in this beautiful world.

JOKES. Which, you obviously predicted because no one ends a blog post that’s under 200 words. I’m so glad you get my humour.

Changing my diet hadn’t worked, and my symptoms were starting to worsen

My doctor was unsure what the issue was, and I was starting to get frustrated and exhausted from feeling sick.

My relationship with food started to affect my mental health, and I was struggling to understand how anything I could try would make this better.

Then one day, upon telling my friends the situation, a few of them recommended that I try to visit a naturopath.

It seemed fitting. I hated medicine, loved to allow myself to heal naturally, and like I mentioned above – was willing to try anything at this point.

So, I did some research and found an office that seemed perfect. The naturopath that I chose to meet with had a background that seemed to align with my lifestyle and needs health-wise.

Until I saw the price tag.

One introductory appointment was going to rack me up over $200. $200? During December?

I had just dropped a ton of money on Christmas gifts, a family holiday, and an unfortunate car accident. Did I really think it was worthwhile to spend another $200 on an appointment I wasn’t even sure was going to work?

My husband and friends encouraged me to go for it – and explained what I already knew in the back of my mind.

When it comes to your health, it’s always worthwhile

The day of my appointment had finally arrived, and I walked into the clinic unsure of what to expect. It was like my doctor. I checked in, waited in the seating area, and was called out to come back to my naturopath’s private office.

She was kind, straight forward, and spoke to me in terms that I understood – which doesn’t happen too often at my doctor’s office.

We spent the first 30 minutes merely getting to know one another. She asked me about my life, my stress levels, any health records or tests that I might have available, and whether this was my first time seeing a naturopath.

To be honest, I was a little bit taken back by how serious the questions she was asking me were. However, I was extremely open and honest because I was becoming desperate to find answers.

It got emotional. She started to explain to me that I was stressed out and needed to watch how many things I was piling on to myself – so I nodded my head, even though I didn’t believe her.

At the end of the appointment, she gave me some homework to go get further blood testing and to purchase a couple of bottles of supplements.

One was to help with my digestive system, the other was a basic multivitamin for women, and I was also encouraged to purchase apple-cider-vinegar to have before I ate any meals.

This of course, on top of the actual appointment, came to another $100.

In just one hour, I had spent $300 and felt that there were no real resolutions to all my questions and concerns.

On the other hand, I had spent $300 and could finally tell someone in a safe place how worried I was about my physical health – which I had yet to do with anything else.

A couple of weeks later, after humming and hawing at the thought of booking another $200 appointment, I decided it wasn’t worthwhile for me.

Looking back on it now, I’m not quite sure of what the actual reasoning behind this decision was. To be honest, I think I was just scared.

Now almost one year later, I’m happy I went

For me – that appointment with a naturopath allowed me to speak openly about my concerns both physically and mentally. That appointment was step one in me seeking therapy to address my stress levels, and to also get on a specialists list with my doctor – to which I am still waiting for an appointment 6 months later.

I’m feeling a bit better in regards to my food allergies, and am starting to feel better bringing down my personal stress levels. I’m making progress.

Although I wouldn’t spend another $300 on a naturopath in the future, I can see why some people find this source of healthcare beneficial.

If you want someone to take the time to listen, explain, and provide guidance for your needs, rather than give you a quick print off and limited access to information, I’d say that spending that kind of money is absolutely worth your while.

Like I said before — when it comes to your health, it’s always worthwhile.

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Is Spending Over $300 on a Naturopath Appointment Worthwhile?

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