How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank

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EQ Bank has been around for a few years now and people are starting to realize that this online bank should be taken seriously. To be realistic, most people are interested in EQ Bank (referral link) because they offer an everyday interest rate of 2.00%*. That’s one of the highest rates you’ll get from any bank out there.

That being said, Tangerine does have targeted promotions where you can earn more than 2.00%. It’s become apparent that Canadians are more than happy to chase interest rates and have been moving their money to whichever account offers the best rate.

This may seem to be a lot of effort just to get a few extra dollars of interest, but why wouldn’t you want to get the best return possible? What many people don’t realize is that you can link your Tangerine account to EQ Bank directly and vice versa. Most people were using their regular bank as an intermediary which is no longer necessary. If you don’t have an EQ Bank account, please use my referral link now.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to connect Tangerine to EQ Bank.

Step 1

Scroll over the Pay & Transfer tab and then click on linked bank accounts

How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank Step 1

Step 2

On your screen of linked bank accounts, click the “Link another bank account” button

How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank Step 2

Step 3

Before you can link another bank, EQ Bank will send your passcode to your phone which must be verified within 10 minutes to proceed.

How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank Step 3

Step 4

This is where you enter all of your Tangerine information. Tangerine’s Transit number is 00152 and the Institution number is 614. To get your Tangerine account number, log in to Tangerine. Keep in mind that each account you’ve set up within Tangerine has it’s own account number so make sure you’re linking the right one.

How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank Step 4

Step 5

Confirm the details of the account you’re trying to link.

How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank Step 5

Step 6

Wait 2-3 business days for EQ Bank to deposit two small amounts into your linked Tangerine account. Log into your Tangerine account and write down those deposits.

How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank Step 6

Step 7

Now it’s time to head back to your EQ Bank account to finish linking your Tangerine account. Head back over to the linked bank accounts and you’ll see a verify icon beside your new account. Hover over it and click it.

How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank Step 7

Step 8

Enter the deposited amounts from your Tangerine account and click submit

How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank Step 8

Step 9

You’ll get a message confirming that your account has been linked. That’s it! You can now transfer money directly between EQ Bank and Tangerine.

How to Connect Tangerine to EQ Bank Step9

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