The average cost of prom is $804 in Canada!  Is that not insane? This all according to a VISA Canada survey. It’s been many many years since I went to my high school prom, but I know I didn’t spend anywhere near that amount even when factoring in inflation.

How much does prom cost for Americans? $1086 on average, that’s 26% more than us Canadians so I guess we’re doing a little better. . .

Now that story about KFC offering a chicken corsage seems to be a smart business decision.

Okay to be fair if you gave your date a chicken corsage you’re a boss in my books.

But to be serious, I can’t believe that prom costs have become so high. I spent about $150 total on my prom, $100 for dinner and $50 for the corsage.  I borrowed my brothers suit and I drove the family car.  Being a teenager is hard enough, I would have had a breakdown if I needed to worry about saving a ton of money just for prom.

Tips to save money

Transportation – Don’t get a limo, even if you split the costs with your friends getting a limo is an expense you don’t need. Borrow your parents car or car pool.

Clothing Men – Don’t bother buying a new suit if you already own one, if you don’t just borrow or rent one.  Honestly at this stage of life you rarely need a suit so avoid buying one if you can.

Clothing Women – Buying your dress from a store you normally shop at offers you much better value than picking one from a store that has just prom dresses. Traditional prom dresses cost a small fortune and you’ll only wear once. A regular evening dress will cost you much less and you’ll still wear it after your prom.

Hair/Makeup – Pick one salon with your friends and negotiate a group rate. If you need makeup go to The Bay and talk to the MAC makeup artists there, a lot of them do freelance makeup.

Accommodations – I see no reason why teenagers need a hotel room on their prom night and I’m not even a parent! If you’re looking to save money then dropping the hotel room is a must.

Final word
Prom night was fun for me but it definitely did not live up to the greatest night of my life as it was billed up to be.

Cutting back on prom night is a good a way to help teach your kids about overspending, besides any money you save can be used for their college/university expenses.

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