Egypt Itinerary for 8 Days

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Egypt is one of the most incredible countries to visit. Thousands of years of history, with more being discovered every day, means there is plenty to see and do to keep you busy for an Egypt vacation. But, what if you don’t have a lot of time? Don’t worry, you can still experience the highlights and I’m going to share how in this Egypt itinerary for 8 days.

Day 1: Cairo

For your first day in Egypt, I suggest exploring Cairo. To be honest, Cairo is probably the least exciting spot on this Egypt itinerary for 8 days. However, it’s still worth spending some time in the capital as it is home to some of Egypt’s greatest treasures.

Start your day with a visit to the Pyramids, a must-see for every Egypt itinerary. You can do this on your own or join a guided tour. I do recommend taking guided tours in Egypt when possible, as not only does it allow you to learn more about the ancient history of what you are seeing, but it also helps keep the locals at bay. They can be very overwhelming at times in their attempts to get your business. If you do decide to book a guide, do so in advance from a reputable website or company, don’t just pick someone off the street who claims they are an expert. You want to make sure you get a tour with a professional Egyptologist.

Visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx can be done in the morning. For the afternoon, check out the Egyptian Museum, which is full of fascinating sculptures, statues, and more. Don’t miss the mummy room!

*Note: Right now, the Egyptian Museum is located in downtown Cairo. However, a new museum is in the works called the Grand Egyptian Museum. It’s meant to open in November of 2022, and it is located closer to the pyramids.

Day 2: Abu Simbel and Aswan

Grab a morning flight to the far south of Egypt to see the incredible Abu Simbel temple. I suggest flying all the way to Abu Simbel rather than just to Aswan as it’s still a few hours’ drive that way. Abu Simbel is quite far, however, it is a must-see on your Egypt itinerary.

From Abu Simbel make your way to Aswan (you can fly). You’ll have the afternoon to do a bit of exploring (the markets here are great for spices and teas). But you can also take it easy relax a little bit too as you will have more to explore tomorrow.

*Tip: Book domestic flights in Egypt early and they can be quite inexpensive!

Egypt Itinerary for 8 Days

Day 3-6: Nile Cruise

Without a doubt, the highlight of your 8 days in Egypt itinerary will be a Nile Cruise. The cruise will take you between the cities of Aswan and Luxor, which hold some of the greatest treasures of Egypt. You’ll also visit some temples in-between and get to see life on the Nile as you drift on by.

A Nile cruise in Egypt is the perfect way to travel and explore. You can get a high-quality cruise for just a few hundred dollars which will include accommodation, at least 2 meals a day, plus guided tours of the main sites and attractions that you stop to see. Pricing should be around $400USD per person for this type of package.

Highlights to make sure your Nile cruise include:

  • Tour of Aswan (Nubian Village is a great add on!)
  • Tour of Kom Ombo
  • Tour of Edfu
  • Tour of the East and West Bank of Luxor including Kanak Temple, Luxor Temple, and the Valley of the Kings

Your cruise will finish in Luxor on day six. I suggest getting a hotel for the night in Luxor so that you can enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings in the morning. If you are looking for something to do in the evening, check out the light show at Karnak Temple.

Insider tip: read reviews of the boats before you book your cruise! It is worth spending a little extra money for a nicer ‘ship’ to cruise down the Nile as you will be spending a good amount of time onboard.

Egypt Itinerary for 8 Days luxor

Day 7: Luxor-Cairo

Start your day early with a hot air balloon ride over Luxor. It is an incredible experience and not to be missed! The view of the Nile River and the Valley of the Kings from above is absolutely spectacular.

If you like, you can spend a bit more time exploring Luxor. If not included in your tour, you can add on a visit to the Valley of the Queens and check out some of those tombs. Or visit a couple of the Luxor museums such as the mummification museum.

In the evening, catch a flight back to Cairo.

Day 8: Cairo-Home

How you spend your last day in Egypt will depend on the time of your flight and how much time you have to explore.

If you only have part of the day, then head to the Khan el-Khalili bazaar. It’s quite the experience and a good spot to pick up any last-minute souvenirs. Again, it might be in your best interest to take a guide, especially since the bazaar can be quite a maze!

If you have the full day, you can also tour around Coptic Cairo or the Citadel. Alternatively, if you would like to escape the city you can also head back to the desert and take a tour of Saqqara to see the ‘other’ pyramids of Egypt which are different thanks to their ‘step’ shape.

Where to Stay in Egypt

The nice thing about Egypt is that there are accommodations available for every budget. What’s also interesting is that even luxury hotels are relatively inexpensive compared to North American standards. Basically, you can stay in luxury at a reasonable price.

Accommodation in Cairo

Accommodation in Aswan

Accommodation in Luxor

Final Tips for This 8 Day Egypt Itinerary

Egypt is an incredible destination but there are a few things to be mindful of when planning your Egypt itinerary.

First off, the weather. Egypt can be incredibly hot during certain months of the year. September-November and March-May are typically the best times to go.

If you are a woman travelling to Egypt, please keep in mind that this is a very conservative Muslim country and it is in your best interest to dress appropriately. Keep your chest, knees, and shoulders covered when in public. If you have blonde hair, you might want to cover it with a scarf as it can bring a lot of unwanted attention. Again, taking guided tours around the country will really help avoid any harassment.

Make sure to always keep some small change on you. Public washrooms are not free and you will need to pay a toilet attendant to use them.

As for costs, Egypt is a pretty inexpensive county so you can have some great travel experiences for a low price. Check out my guide on how much does it cost to go to Egypt for a detailed breakdown.

Egypt is an incredible destination and while it may seem short, this 8 day Egypt itinerary will allow you to see the highlights and main attractions.

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  1. Barb on June 28, 2022 at 7:38 PM

    Thank you for the information and tops on Egypt. Did you separately book all the accommodation and Nile Cruise from Internet at home? How did you book individual guides at each location? Your suggestion is for 8 days, I’d like a longer trip… Say 10 days, where else would you go? I’d also like to spend a week in Jordon. Thank you for any suggestions. Did you book guides through a Canadian tour agency? I’ll be traveling alone as a 66 year old female. Thank you do much. Barb

    • Barry Choi on June 29, 2022 at 7:07 AM

      Hey Barb,

      Hannah asked me to reply on her behalf. She said she planned at home. The Nike cruise included a guide and other guides were booked in advance via Get Your Guide. If you wanted to add some days to Egypt, just spend some extra time in Cairo or Luxor. Adding Jordan would require another 5-7 days but it would be worth it.

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