Do Stores Price Match on Black Friday?

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With Black Friday less than month away, many retailers are starting to release their deals. I’ve already featured some Black Friday travel deals, but do stores price match on Black Friday? For the answer to that question, I reached out to my friends over at Reebee who provided today’s guest post.

Do stores price match on Black Friday?

It depends. It is important to check in advance

a) whether your store of choice typically offers price matching,
b) whether they will offer price matching on Black Friday, and
c) notable exclusions in their price matching policy.

From our list of major Canadian retailers that price match, about 50% have indicated in their policy that special savings events such as Black Friday are excluded from their low price guarantee offering. About 30% have not excluded Black Friday from their offering and approximately 20% have not indicated. Check out our blog to get all the policy details you need.

What is Price Matching?

Price matching is a practice where a retail location will match a lower advertised product price from a competing store – selling you the same item for the cheaper price. It is a fantastic way to save both time and money because you get the lower price available without actually visiting an additional store.

Retailers price match in an effort to offer the best price out there, while earning your customer loyalty and brand trust.

Below, we have summarized five simple tips to help you price match with ease on Black Friday.

1. Do your homework on price match policies

There are varying policies around price matching and it is important to remember that not all stores offer this. It is a practice unique to certain retailers. As you prepare for Black Friday shopping, it is more important than ever to do your research.

For your convenience, we have listed all major Canadian retailers that price match with their updated policies on our blog.

Here is an outline of the different ways stores will price match:

  • Standard Price Match: Stores that price match simply equal their product’s price to the competitor’s if it is offered for a lower price.
  • Price Beat: Price beat is to sell a product cheaper than the competitor’s, either by a percentage of the difference or by a fixed amount.
  • Price Match of an Already Purchased Item: It is possible to price match an already purchased item. As a standard price match, the store will refund the difference between what you paid and what the other retailer is offering.
  • Price Protection: Price protection occurs when the store matches its own price. If their price is reduced in a set time frame after you made a purchase, they will refund the difference when requested by the customer.
  • Rewards: Some stores will offer rewards in addition to selling the product at a lower price.

2. Stay on top of weekly flyers and Black Friday specials

The days, and even weeks, leading up to Black Friday, retailers will start previewing their Black Friday sales and even offer early Black Friday deals. reebee, the free digital flyer app, is a simple way to keep up with all Black Friday flyers in one place.

Ditch the paper and view your favourite flyers from the “Upcoming” section of reebee’s mobile app or web platform. Check out what deals and price comparisons you want to utilize before the flyer even goes live.

3. Be organized and prepared

Our best advice is to prepare ahead of time by saving your favourite deals to your personalized shopping list in reebee. This way you’re ready to go and likely to get what’s on your wishlist the day sales are live.

For stores that offer price match, proof of the competing price is always required. The easiest way to present this is by showing the item listed in the competitor’s flyer on reebee. Simply have the product ready on your mobile device as you approach the checkout.

4. Act quick, but remain calm at the checkout

If the store’s policy allows you to price match more than one item on Black Friday, divide your products right in your shopping cart between those that you plan to pay the listed price for and those that require a price match. This will make for a quicker checkout process, which will be especially appreciated by customers lined up behind you.

Be polite with the retail associate when you request a price match. Be kind and patient with them as they accommodate your request, especially during the buzz of Black Friday shopping. 

5. Understand common price matching restrictions

Without sounding like a broken record, always check the store’s policy before you shop. That said, here are some general restrictions to keep in mind:

  • Proof of the lower price is always required either physically or digitally.
  • Competing ads are usually required to be in the same geographic area.
  • There may be limitations when it comes to special savings events, clearance or damaged items, BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) sales, items from membership clubs, door crashers, free offers, or gifts with purchase, and in some cases Black Friday.
  • Oftentimes retailers will not price match the item if the competitor doesn’t have it in stock. It must be in stock at both places.
  • Many brick and mortar stores will not price match online products.

Benefits of price matching

Price matching can significantly reduce how much you spend on items you purchase regularly AND on more expensive items such as electronics, furniture or sports equipment.

Price matching is also helpful when you want to spend money at a certain store, but a competing store offers the product for less. Maybe you have a gift card you want to use, you’re a member of their rewards program, or just like shopping with them. If they offer price matching, use that as an opportunity to save money while still shopping at their store.

While price matching may require a little planning, you still avoid driving around the city to find the best prices at various stores. Plus – digital flyer apps like reebee make price matching easy and efficient. Using reebee, you can browse and search digital flyers even before the sales are available, save your favourite deals to your shopping list, and avoid the stacks of paper when presenting competing prices at the checkout.

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