I went to high school/college in the late 90’s/early 2000’s and it was during these years where my income was fairly disposable. Let’s be realistic when you’re a teenager you’re not exactly thinking too hard about saving for your future but as an adult I’m much more conscious about my spending.

Here’s a list of crap I can’t afford anymore.

Action Figures
This was probably my worst vice, I loved collecting Transformers, Star Wars, Toy Story and a bunch of other action figures. They weren’t overly expensive but that stuff tends to add up, plus I started to run out of room to store them. When I got engaged I decided to sell a ton of them to help fund the wedding, of course I ended up taking a loss.

Sure I can still afford this “hobby” of mine but I currently don’t have the space and the money saved is better used on other things.

Not my collection

Not my collection

DVDs / Blu-Rays
I guess seeing the movies in the theatres wasn’t good enough, I would end up buying them on DVD/Blu-Rays when they came out.  This was clearly a waste of money but when your money is disposable you don’t make rational purchasing decisions.  I never buy movies for home anymore, it’s just a cost that is unnecessary.

Club Monaco
Club Monaco was the best thing ever in the late 90’s; the clothing was unique, stylish and affordable. Of course that all changed shortly after they were acquired by Polo Ralph Lauren in 1999, what used to be affordable even for me as a high school student is no longer the case. Club Monaco is expensive! I have a full time job now and I can’t afford the clothes there anymore, seriously $160 for a dress shirt?

They do on occasion have really good sales, so I still like to browse the store but will only make a purchase if there are deep discounts.

When iPhones were first released in 2007 they revolutionized the cell phone market and everyone had to have one including me. Back then iPhones were reasonably priced if you signed a multi-year contract with a data plan but the new iPhone 6 costs $100 more.

Lineup for the iPhone6 on launch day

Lineup for the iPhone6 on launch day

The thing is, iPhones are no longer ground breaking and they are expensive. Android phones are much cheaper and they are arguably more user friendly.  I switched to an Android phone just over a year ago and I have no intentions of ever going back to Apple.

Video Games
Whenever a big title video game was released I would have it pre-ordered so I could play it as soon as it was released. Games were a little cheaper back then ranging form $50-60 but I was buying them on a pretty regular basis. I still play video games to relax but these days I wait for them to go on sale or I just buy them used. I also trade in my games as soon as I’m done with them to get a little money back.

Final Word
To be honest I could probably still “afford” these things today but I’ve decided that there are better things to spend my money on. Actually when I get a bigger place I might start collecting Transformers again, just don’t tell my wife.

Is there any crap that you can’t afford anymore?

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Image courtesy: slashgear.com