As a budget travel expert, I’ve come across a ton of ways to save money over the years. I’ve written about them in multiple posts, but now I’ve put all those tips together in an eBook. The Cost of Travel: How to see the world without spending a fortune is available to you for free!

Download it now in the following formats and scroll down below to see the table of contents.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Budgeting for a Trip

  • Can you afford to travel?
  • How much to budget
  • Creating a budget
  • Starting to save

Chapter 2: How to Pick a Vacation Destination

  • Picking your destination
  • Is the destination what you expected?
  • Do you have friends or family living abroad?

Chapter 3: How to Find Cheap Flights

  • Be flexible
  • Use Skyscanner
  • Consider your route options
  • Check discount carriers
  • Use a travel rewards credit card
  • Join mailing lists

Chapter 4: How to Save Money on Hotels

  • Be flexible
  • Book in advance
  • Join a rewards program
  • Use credit card rewards
  • Don’t use a hotel
  • Use a metasearch engine
  • Bundle your travel
  • Book directly
  • Choose your location wisely
  • Check for best price guarantees

Chapter 5: How to Eat Cheap When Travelling

  • Street food
  • Local food
  • Grocery stores
  • Fast food
  • Avoid buying drinks
  • Splurge on at least one meal

Chapter 6: The Best Way to Exchange Money

  • Avoid fees completely with credit cards
  • Exchange options when you need cash
  • When to exchange money for travel

Chapter 7: The Basics of Travel Insurance

  • The types of travel insurance
  • Evaluating your needs
  • You might already have travel insurance
  • Making a claim

Chapter 8: Sticking to Your Travel Budget

  • Make sure you know the exchange rate
  • Create a daily budget
  • Look at how you like to travel
  • Admission costs can break you
  • Avoid buying junk


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