WestJet just announced changes to their popular WestJet Rewards program which will take place 2018 or early 2019. There’s a slight devaluation for teal tier members, but overall the changes are all positive in my opinion and definitely enhance the experience for those who fly WestJet on a regular basis.

What I love most about these changes is the timing of the announcement. Right now, no one knows was what the future of Aeroplan looks like, so WestJet is giving travellers a pretty compelling reason to try out their product. They also announced that the first route for new 787 Dreamliner so there’s a lot to look forward to. Here are the upcoming changes to WestJet Rewards and how they’ll affect you.

Changes coming to WestJet Rewards

New tier changes

WestJet Rewards will now have four tiers – Teal, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Depending on the tier you’re in, you’ll get access to additional rewards and benefits. What tier you fall in depends on how much your qualifying spend on WestJet flights and vacation packages in your qualifying year.

  • Teal – Up to $2,999
  • Silver – $3,000 – $4,999
  • Gold – $5,000 – $7,999
  • Platinum – $8,000 and beyond

You now require $1,000 less spend to reach Gold tier. Platinum tier which is obtained when you spend $8,000 and beyond is entirely new. In other words, those who spend a lot $5,000 + on WestJet flights and vacation packages every year will see the bulk of the additional benefits.

Teal members will have a reduced earn rate

Once the new changes are implemented, Teal members will now earn 0.5% in WestJet dollars on every WestJet flight. This is down from 1%, but you’ll still earn the same rate in WestJet dollars on all other qualifying WestJet purchases.

This is clearly a devaluation, but it’s important to note that you’re automatically enrolled in Teal tier as soon as you sign up for WestJet Rewards, so you’re still getting a bonus without having to do anything extra.

Additional benefits to the Silver tier

Silver members will still earn 3% and 1% on WestJet flights and vacation packages respectively. Advanced seat selection vouchers and lounge vouchers also remain the same at four each. Additional silver benefits now include:

  • One extra free checked bag (total of two)
  • Priority check-in and bag drop
  • Zone 2 boarding
  • Complimentary upgrades to premium seats with the purchase of EconoFlex fares

Additional benefits to the Gold tier

Gold members will still earn 5% and 1.5% on WestJet flights and vacation packages respectively. Nothing changes to the two free checked bags, 10 airport lounge vouchers, and priority service, but Gold members now also get:

  • Two additional advanced seat selection vouchers (total of six)
  • Early access to purchase upgrades to premium seating
  • Zone 1 boarding
  • Higher priority for complimentary upgrades to premium seats with the purchase of EconoFlex fares

Platinum tier benefits

The new Platinum tier has some exciting benefits including an earn rate of  8% and 2% back in WestJet dollars on WestJet flights and WestJet Vacation packages, respectively. Platinum tier members also get the following:

  • Three free checked bags
  • Unlimited advanced seat selection
  • 10 airport lounge vouchers
  • Zone 1 boarding
  • Priority check-in and bag drop at select airports
  • Priority security screening at select airports
  • A dedicated support number
  • Highest priority for complimentary upgrades to premium seats with the purchase of EconoFlex fares
  • No fee for same-day flight changes at check-in

Upgrade to milestone awards

Finally, milestone awards have also been upgraded. The first award still happens when you reach $4,000 in qualifying spend on WestJet purchases, but instead of getting a Canada-wide voucher, you now get a WestJet-wide voucher. In addition, you’ll get another WestJet voucher for every additional $2,000 you spend on qualifying purchases.

No changes to the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard

No changes are coming to the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard, but if you frequently fly WestJet you should apply for this card since you can earn an additional 1.5%-2% in WestJet dollars when you charge purchases to your card. This additional cash-back stacks with your tier status so you can earn anywhere from 2%-10% in WestJet dollars on your purchases.

You also get a sign up bonus of $250 WestJet dollars after your first purchase so this is an incredible deal. Read my full review of the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard now.

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