Pay Down Student Loans or Save for Retirement?

When I graduated from college I was in a pretty fortunate situation. I had no student debt, and I was already working in my field of study where my pay was more than double of any of my previous jobs. Lifestyle inflation never appealed to me so I focused on saving for my retirement. Unfortunately not [...]

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Money Tips for Kids

November is financial literacy month in Canada and for a money nerd like me, it's an exciting time. Next week I'll be a panelist during credit education week where the theme is cheap vs. frugal, so if you happen to live in Toronto, be sure to swing by YMCA in downtown Toronto on the 9th. I'll also [...]

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Money Mistakes Couples Make

I've reached an unfortunate milestone in my life. I'm at the age where some of my peers are getting divorced. I really shouldn't be too surprised since statistics show that 43% of Canadians will get divorced before the age of 50, but it's still a sad thing to hear. Back in 2011 Statistics Canada stopped tracking national divorce rates because it [...]

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Are Immigrant Children Better off?

Last week BMO released a New Canadian Study where they found more than half of immigrant parents believe their children will be better off in Canada. As a child of immigrant parents, there's no arguing that my life is significantly better here in Canada. Having free healthcare alone makes Canada great, and there's no denying that [...]

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Budgeting For University In The U.S For Canadians

Are you a Canadian considering attending university in the U.S.? Before you start applying to U.S. schools, it’s important to know the costs ahead of time. Not only will you have to pay room and board when attending a U.S. school, you’ll also have to pay tuition, which tends to be a lot higher than [...]

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Parents Don’t Like Free Government Money

Canadian parents don't like free government money. 47% of parents have yet to open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) according to a new survey by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. An RESP is easily the best way to save for your child's education since the money is tax-free, and the government offers a Canadian [...]

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Canadian Student Loan Options

The cost of a post-secondary education seems to be increasing every year; fortunately getting a Canadian student loan is a pretty straight forward process through the Government of Canada. The federal government essentially offers 2 Canadian student loan programs to help with your education costs. They of course don't just give loans away, you need to [...]

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The Cost of Raising a Child in Canada

I'm at the age now where all my peers are having children. Friends who were never active on Facebook or Instagram all of sudden have plenty to share. I'm happy for you, I really am, but forgive me, I've probably turned off your status updates. Beyond the likes and retweets, the cost of raising a [...]

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