Money Terms You Need to Know

November is financial literacy month! Exciting right? Okay, maybe it's just exciting for those of us who blog about money, and for those who are trying to make money. Managing our money is hard enough so it's no surprise that many of us glaze over when we hear money terms in the news that makes no [...]

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TFSA Questions From New Grads

Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) have been around since 2009 yet many people still don't quite get how they work. The Canadian Revenue Agency does a good job explaining tax free savings accounts on their website, so I'm going to focus on answering some common TFSA questions that new grads have. When should I open up a [...]

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What to avoid when back to school shopping

It's the week before back to school and every retailer is trying to get you to part with your hard earned cash.  Some shopping can't be avoided but there are things to look out for. Things to avoid when back to school shopping Five Star - I'll admit when I was in high school I thought Five [...]

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7 Tips For Saving Money In School

Earlier we found out the real financial cost of getting an MBA.  Yes it's expensive but rewarding in the long run so here’s a few tips for saving money in school. Save money while in school Live at home - Living on residence may sound like the fun thing to do but it could easily cost [...]

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