M is for Money Review

For many parents, teaching their kids about money is a difficult task. There's the struggle of deciding at what age should you start giving your kids financial pointers and more importantly, how do you make the subject fun? The new 9-part book series, M is for Money gives parents and teachers the tools to introduce [...]

By | April 7th, 2016|Personal Finance, Young Money|

BMO PlanShare: Joint Bank Accounts for one fee

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BMO. One of the most difficult things in a relationship is combining finances. It should be a pretty straight forward process but rarely are things in a relationship that simple. So what is the best way for a couple to simplify their finances? The [...]

By | March 31st, 2016|My Money, Personal Finance, Young Money|

3 Financial Red Flags in a Relationship

Relationships are like hard. We hopefully won't go through too many partners before we find that special someone, but way too often we come across relationship red flags that make us wonder if we can do better. It's easy to overlook superficial issues, but when it comes to financial red flags there are definitely some deal [...]

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YOLO or Retire Young?

Turns out that a majority (62 per cent) of Canadian millennials (aged 18-34) say that they have already started saving for retirement and almost half (46 per cent) say they started before the age of 25 according to a new survey done by Tangerine. At face value these stats are pretty impressive when compared to those surveyed in [...]

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What do You Really Know About Money?

We're quickly approaching the end of Financial Literacy Month in Canada so hopefully you've been taking the time to learn more about your money. If not, what has been stopping you? Many people out there believe that they're doing just fine with their money, so there's no need to learn more, but what do you really [...]

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Pay Down Student Loans or Save for Retirement?

When I graduated from college I was in a pretty fortunate situation. I had no student debt, and I was already working in my field of study where my pay was more than double of any of my previous jobs. Lifestyle inflation never appealed to me so I focused on saving for my retirement. Unfortunately not [...]

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