Millennial Parents Plan to Spend More on Back-to-School Shopping

It seems like every week there’s a new article about millennial spending habits. Heck, I cover that demographic quite a bit in my writings. I’ve talked about their summer spending, credit card use, and their financial confidence - now I’m looking at their spending when it comes to back-to-school shopping. 44% of Canadian Millennial parents [...]

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What do You Really Know About Money?

We're quickly approaching the end of Financial Literacy Month in Canada so hopefully you've been taking the time to learn more about your money. If not, what has been stopping you? Many people out there believe that they're doing just fine with their money, so there's no need to learn more, but what do you really [...]

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Pay Down Student Loans or Save for Retirement?

When I graduated from college I was in a pretty fortunate situation. I had no student debt, and I was already working in my field of study where my pay was more than double of any of my previous jobs. Lifestyle inflation never appealed to me so I focused on saving for my retirement. Unfortunately not [...]

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