American Express Platinum Canada Review

Let's get to the point, my American Express Platinum Canada review is positive since it's easily one of the best travel credit cards in Canada. The card comes with a yearly fee of $699 which is quite high, but it comes with a huge signup bonus, amazing benefits, and plenty of airline and hotel transfer [...]

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Questions to ask Before You Book That Cheap Flight

Over the years, thanks to sites such as, it’s never been easier to find cheap airfare. I like saving money just like anyone else, but one big issue with these deals is that you need to jump on them fast since they’re usually mistakes and the airlines quickly correct them. That could mean you [...]

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How Much Does it Cost to go to Israel?

Israel is a country that fascinates many. The history (both ancient and modern), the religious significance for Christians, Jews, and Muslims, and even the current conflict attract many curious visitors from around the world. But, just how much does it cost to go to Israel? Well, it’s not exactly a cheap destination but there are [...]

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Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card Review | $300 signup bonus!

**New applicants who sign up for the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card by June 30, 2019 will get a 30,000 point welcome bonus. Finally, there’s a travel rewards credit card from a major bank in Canada that comes with no foreign transaction fees. The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card is clearly aimed at travellers who [...]

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Aer Go Pack Review

**The Aer Go Pack was gifted to me for this review. All opinions are my own. I’ve been using the Aer Travel Pack for a few years now so when they reached out to see if I wanted to try their new Aer Go Pack, you better believe I was excited. For the casual traveller, [...]

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How Much Does it Cost to go to Germany?

Are you dreaming of Germany? Of exploring fairytale castles and picturesque villages? Maybe you’d like to attend Munich’s Oktoberfest or wander the stalls at the country’s famous Christmas markets? Whatever your interests are, Germany is an incredible vacation destination that promises to leave you hoping to come back. But, just how much does it cost [...]

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How Much Does it Cost to go to Scotland?

Edinburgh may not be known for its weather, but that doesn’t stop travellers from visiting this beautiful island country. Home of Braveheart, the Harry Potter Series, and Outlander, Scotland attracts all kinds of tourists looking to learn more about its history, culture, and of course to see the stunning landscapes. But, just how much does [...]

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SPG Business Amex Review

**Note that the SPG Business Amex is now known as the Marriott Bonvoy Business American Express Card. I've updated the benefits section to reflect the changes but I've left most of the copy intact as SPG/Marriott Rewards is now just known as Marriott Bonvoy. With the recent changes announced by Amex and Marriott, the Starwood [...]

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