credit cards with lounge access

The Best Credit Cards With Lounge Access

**This post contains affiliate links One of the worst things about travelling is the airport experience before a flight or during a layover. Think about the uncomfortable seating (when available), crowded bathrooms, overprice food and noisy/busy areas. To escape this chaotic environment, you can head into airport lounges which are private, offer food, and comfortable…

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EVA Air Business Class Boeing 777-300ER Taipei to Bangkok Review welcome rink

EVA Air Business Class Boeing 777-300ER Taipei to Bangkok Review

Welcome to the second part of my recent birthday vacation trip to Thailand on EVA (pronounced “E-V-A”) Air Royal Laurel Business Class. This review covers the second segment from Taipei, Taiwan to Bangkok, Thailand on EVA Air’s Boeing 777-300ER. You can read my review of the first segment EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER Business Class Toronto…

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Asakusa temple in Tokyo

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Japan?

If you plan on travelling to Japan for the first question most people ask is how much does it cost to go to Japan? There’s a big misconception that Japan is expensive, but I didn’t find it to be that much more expensive than other major cities I’ve visited. There are plenty of ways to do…

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Should I Travel Right now?

While some countries are opening up and welcoming visitors, others are reporting record daily numbers of COVID-19. It’s obvious that there are certain places you want to completely avoid for now, but the question many people ask is, should I travel right now? There’s no easy answer to that question, as it really depends on…

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The Best Travel Rewards Programs in Canada

When I’m asked about the best travel credit cards in Canada, I tell people about the generous sign up bonuses and benefits you’ll get. What people don’t realize is that it’s the travel rewards program that they’re tied to that often makes them so great. Credit card offers change all the time and what’s a…

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Scotia Rewards

Scotia Rewards | How to get the most out of your points

Scotia Rewards is one of the most popular credit card rewards programs in Canada. What makes it appealing is that it’s easy to earn points, your points are flexible and Scotiabank has some great credit cards. When compared to other bank travel rewards programs, many people believe Scotia Rewards is the best. The best might…

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WestJet Companion Voucher Explained

Have you ever noticed the option to select the WestJet companion voucher on their website? It’s right there on the main page above where you choose your destinations for flights. Some people may have ignored that checkbox since they don’t have a WestJet companion voucher, but I’m sure they still wondered what is the WestJet…

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Toronto Public Transportation streetcar

Toronto Public Transportation: How to ride the TTC

Toronto public transportation, more commonly known as the TTC is either excellent or terrible depending on who you ask. For many residents of the city, the network is subpar as there aren’t that many subway lines compared to other major cities in the world. However, visitors will likely find that Toronto public transportation is excellent…

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Points Redemption Stories

Almost all of my content is related to earning points and what you could redeem for those points, but I’ve rarely shared some practical examples. Quite often my readers share their redemption stories with me via e-mail or social media but I’ve never published them. Today, with their permission, I’m sharing some of their redemptions…

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CIBC Rewards Review

CIBC Rewards | How to get the most out of your points

CIBC Rewards is a popular program better known under the CIBC Aventura name. Although I rank the CIBC Rewards program behind American Express Membership Rewards and RBC Rewards, CIBC Rewards is still a pretty solid travel rewards program due to the flexibility of your points. CIBC credit cards may not be that popular, when you…

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