American Express and Nova Credit Help Canadians get Easier Access to Credit in the U.S.

If you’re Canadian and you’re thinking about moving to the U.S. or you’ve already moved, then you’ll want to hear about this new partnership between American Express and Nova Credit. Basically, if you apply for an American Express U.S. Personal Card, Nova Credit will be able to pull your Canadian credit report. This is important [...]

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Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2020

Lonely Planet has just released its Best in Travel 2020 book and I couldn’t be more excited as this annual book serves as inspiration for me. I love finding out if I’ve been to any of the destinations they’ve featured and I’ve also planned trips based on their recommendations. What's interesting about the selected destinations [...]

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How Learning a Foreign Language Makes you Richer

Speaking a new language brings with it a plethora of benefits: from being able to communicate with locals while abroad, to taking you out of your comfort zone and boosting your personal confidence--multilingualism can also make you richer. Sound crazy, but it’s true, there are many situations where knowing another language can either save you [...]

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5 Travel Myths Busted

Over the years, I’ve heard a ton of different travel myths. To be honest, when I was first started travelling, I would believe them (e.g. bribe Thai police officers if you’re questioned for whatever reason), but I’ve quickly realized that many of these travel myths were completely untrue. I suspect that some of these travel [...]

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6 Ways Knowing the Local Language Saves You Money

When travelling, taking a guided tour, eating food in local restaurants, bartering in bustling markets and braving local transport is all part of exploring new cultures. While it’s important to support local economies, we’ve all been duped by a tourist trap in one or more of these situations. However, knowing the local lingo may allow [...]

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Marriott Bonvoy Off-Peak and Peak Redemption Rates Coming on September 14th

Back in April, Marriott Bonvoy announced that off-peak and peak redemption rates for a free night stay would be coming to and the Marriott Bonvoy App in the future. Today, Marriott said that those changes come into effect on September 14th, 2019 so you have about a month to make some reservations at the [...]

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Dynamic Currency Conversion Explained

When it comes to travelling, dynamic currency conversion is something you need to know about since it’s one of the biggest travel fees you can avoid. In case you’re not familiar with dynamic currency conversion, it’s when you get the option to pay for your purchases in your home currency when using credit cards abroad. [...]

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