Get Your Status Matched on WestJet

If you haven't heard, Westjet is offering one of the best promotions ever by matching your status with a competitive airline. That's right, you can instantly earn Gold status with WestJet by following these three easy steps: By August 31, 2018, send in proof of your current frequent flyer status (valid till February 28, 2019) with [...]

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SPG / Marriott Rewards Merger Date Announced

It’s finally been confirmed, SPG and Marriott Rewards are formally merging as of August 18th, 2018. This merger has been highly anticipated since members of both loyalty programs will now be able to merge their accounts and use their loyalty points to book nights across the entire Marriott network of hotels. New information about the [...]

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Changes Coming to The Canadian Amex SPG Cards

Today, we got official confirmation of changes coming to the Canadian Amex SPG Card. These changes were totally anticipated since a few months back, Marriott announced that SPG and Marriott Rewards are merging in August. This change to the rewards program immediately affected the Amex SPG Card in a negative way when it came to [...]

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The Best in Europe 2018

Travel authority Lonely Planet recently announced their annual list of the Best in Europe for 2018. Usually, with these lists, you’ll find the big names such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Venice, but this is Lonely Planet we’re talking about. Their 2018 list covers some of the most underrated spots where you won’t find a ton [...]

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Travel to a Galaxy Far Far Away With These Star Wars Inspired Destinations

With mere weeks until the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the new Han Solo Star Wars spin-off, the excitement is palpable as die-hard fans of the Jedi wait to see which far off galaxy their beloved hero will take them. To celebrate the new film which by the way coincides with the 41st [...]

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Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest are Merging – What this means for your points

It’s official, Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) are merging into one unified loyalty program as of August 2018. Members will soon have access to earn or redeem points and book stays across 29 participating global brands comprising 6,500 hotels in 127 countries and territories. This merger puts iconic brands such [...]

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