managing your money as a freelancer

Managing Your Money as a Freelancer

Over the last two years, I’ve steadily increased my side hustle income. Despite the fact that I’ve always been pretty good with my money, there were still a few things I had to learn along the way. Saving came very naturally for me, but you’ll soon find out that it was spending that I had…

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Do Your Own Taxes Or Hire A Pro?

With tax season right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how you want to get your taxes taken care of. Taxes are always a pain, but there are many people who slog through them anyway, grimly crunching the numbers to get the right solution. On the other hand, there are other…

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What Do Property Taxes Pay For?

Tonight a new Mayor of Toronto will be named. The campaign has been long and I can’t wait for it to end and for the city to move forward from its troubled reputation. Many voters have complained about increasing property taxes with one candidate promising to cut them if elected. Of course, these same people…

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