credit card purchase protection

Credit Card Purchase Protection Explained

Credit card purchase protection is one of the most overlooked benefits of using your credit card when making a purchase. I’m going to generalize a bit here, but purchase protection insurance (sometimes known as purchase…

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rules of personal finance

The Rules of Personal Finance

A few weeks ago I was watching the movie Fight Club. In one of the scenes, Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden was explaining the 8 rules of fight club. If you wanted to be part…

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Beware of excess credit card charges

Credit Card Charges To Look Out For

Over the years, consumers have complained about fees and the government has slowly been addressing the needs of the consumers. This is usually great news for consumers, but when we start to take a look at things…

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Save for your emergency fund

Reasons to Use Your Emergency Fund

Quite often I’m asked how we should prioritize our money, and one of my first responses is to set up an emergency fund. Setting aside 3-6 months worth of expenses should be made a priority…

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How to build a good credit score

Building a Good Credit Score

I write about debt a lot. It’s not that I particularly enjoy writing about debt, it’s unfortunately just a subject that many people can relate to– Canadians have record debt levels after all. We get…

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Canadian student loan

Canadian Student Loan Options

The cost of a post-secondary education seems to be increasing every year; fortunately getting a Canadian student loan is a pretty straight forward process through the Government of Canada. The federal government essentially offers 2…

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