Preparing your finances

Preparing your finances in case of a downturn

In case you missed it, Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced an $18.4-billion deficit in February. That’s a far cry from their original plan to keep the annual deficit at under $10 billion. This shouldn’t be terribly surprising considering how the Canadian economy has been doing as of late, but it does show how quickly…

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save money on your wedding

10 Tips to Help Save Money on Your Wedding

Valentines’s Day was last month and if you and your significant other got engaged, then I congratulate you. I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday (okay maybe not every detail), but I do remember that planning was stressful at times. I’m a pretty relaxed person, but a lot of planning goes into a wedding…

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Make more money

10 Ways to Make More Money

For many of us what we earn at our day jobs is our only source of income. This isn’t a bad thing, but I think it’s fair to say that many of our salaries are barely keeping up with inflation. This seems to be a cost of life these days, but rising prices can drastically affect our…

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teach your kids about money

6 Tips for How to Teach Kids About Money

My daughter turns four this year and she already has a clear grasp of money. It’s not like my wife and I went out of out way to educate her, but we’ve introduced concepts that relate to daily life. For example, when she was younger she would freak out if she didn’t get something right…

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budget for yourself, not someone else

Budget for Yourself, Not for Someone Else

Often people ask me for budgeting tips. It could be a general question such as what’s the best way to budget, or sometimes it gets a bit more personal e.g. how much do I save and how much do I spend? I don’t get into exact numbers when talking about my personal budget, but what I…

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