Willful Promo Code | Get $15 off

Are you looking for a Willful promo code? If you said yes, you’re not alone considering 56% of Canadians don’t have a will. To get $15 off, use my Willful promo code MONEYWEHAVE15. If you’re still not sure if Willful is right for you, you can check out my Willful review where I go over…

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ofx review canada

OFX Review Canada | The best way to transfer money internationally

Finding the best way to transfer money internationally isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Sure, you could easily go to your bank and send an international money transfer, but you could get hit with some serious fees. You would have to pay to make the transfer (the recipient may also pay a fee) and…

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Stop screwing your retirement

Stop Screwing Your Retirement!

As a personal finance writer, I always try to be positive when I talk about money. I understand that managing your finances is no easy task. I openly admit that I’ve made some mistakes in the past which is why I try to relate what I’ve learned to you. But there’s one thing that drives…

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Motive Financial Review

Motive Financial is the online banking division of Canadian Western Bank (CWB). Originally, this online platform was called Canadian Direct Financial which was created in 2008, however, in 2017 the company rebranded and Motive Financial was born. Due to the fact that Motive Financial is an online bank only, they are able to offer various…

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Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) Canada | Everything you need to know

In recent years, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Registered Education Savings Plan which is more commonly known as RESP. I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised that many of my peers are interested in the RESP rules since they’ve just had children. Heck, one of the first things I did when…

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most out of your banks

How to Get the Most Out of Your Banks

Although some people have decided to use digital banks only, the majority of Canadians still use brick and mortar banks. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the question is are you getting the most out of your banks? Traditional banks offer a variety of products services but it seems like many people are using them…

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Why I Still Embrace Frugal Living

Like many other people, as I’ve grown older, my income has increased. Think of it as climbing the corporate ladder. Making more money is great, but I still embrace a frugal lifestyle. It’s not like I’m the cheapest person out there, I just like being smart with my money. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t…

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OFX Review Australia | OzForex Review

If you’re looking for the best way to transfer money internationally, then OFX is your answer. OFX was started in 1988 by two Australians under the name OzForex. The company quickly grew to become one of the largest currency exchange companies in the world with six offices globally. In 2015, the company rebranded as OFX.…

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Understanding the RRSP Basics

You’ve likely noticed by now a ton of ads for RRSPs. This is pretty typical from the banks since the end of February is the deadline for contributions for the previous tax year. This is a great reminder for everyone, but RRSP contributions can be made any time during the year so there’s no need…

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Credit coach 1

Improve Your Credit Score with Borrowell’s Credit Coach

Borrowell’s goal has always been to help Canadians make great decisions about credit. They introduced free credit scores in 2016 and followed that up in 2018 by giving their members access to their full Equifax credit reports (also for free). Both of these features are vital to Canadians who are looking to improve their credit…

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